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Again i write..

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum and gud morning to all readers.

I just read my sista's comment. and she wrote..

" write more, it's therapy.."

hehe, yea, i haven't been writing much since my last post. For sure, there are so many things happened and i can't afford to write everything.. Besides, this is not a diary .. hoho.. but, i'll try to write if got chance for it..  apologize me for being silence for a little while..

so, what to post?
well, mid semester break has already begun and still i'm in college.. nevermind, the time will come and i'm going back to hometown in few hours more :P so, happy holiday everyone. have safe journey back home, and don't forget... to all my colleagues : this is our 2nd test schedule..

19 Nov 2012 --> FST
23 Nov 2012 --> ECN and Microbe
Metabolism : unknown
Statistic : unknown
Maternal: unknown

but still, the unknown one , they'll be conducted any moments soon as the mid semester break ends.. be prepared..

Just something to share, my friends and i were having interview session last two days.. i wonder why is this session was carried out but something had came cross my mind:

"It's time to muhasabah diri, i guess.. "

anyway, we've been half of semester holding our post as MTM (leader).. if we do feels like we are doing good, sometimes we have to sit and have second thought of it..  speaking as leader and human, we sometimes do wrong. and that mistakes can be found if we search for it.. we flashback what we've done during past half of semester.. are we be blinded by our post? or , we already good, it's just, finding way to be better.. hehe..

anyway, i still remember what my senior said, this is a platform where you are safe to do mistakes. it's just, u have to learn from every single mistake u done.. and don't be afraid..

i'm human, we're human. so, the perfection is not ours.. 

we can judge people, but we are not the true judges..
bear that in mind, people ^_^

Owh by day way, the picture above was taken during small kudapan after the opening ceremony of Minggu Muda Mudi last monday. Imam Muda Naufal did come to our Faculty ( Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UPM) To give talk on " Kenali Budaya".. Alhamdulillah, got new knowledge more..

and the last night , Brother Shah Kirit did come to FPSK to deliver talk on Universal Brotherhood. He is a Muallaf and, the Brotherhood topic was been discussed on the Muslim-Muslim relationship, and Muslim with other religion and practitioners. I really impressed with the evidence given by Brother Shah and it was like, he had already master all the holy script ( Holy Quran, Holy Bible, Veda and others..) . it's amazing..

The out of all sudden, somebody did ask about the relevance between Dinosaur and the fact in Quran.
 "Well we cannot find any story about Dinosaur in Quran," he said..

The analogy is;
Here u see, i'm holding a remote control.. So, In Quran, there's nothing stated about This remote rite? " but we always can refer to others, as long as we stay truth to Him and His Messenger ( Quran and Sunnah) and u'll not be lost.

with that, i end my post here. hope u guys can take some input even it is only a tiny little knowledge i've shared.. 



By : Fiza Chan..!

"Alhamdulillah... mampu menarik nafas lega dan syukur.. "

Pertama-tamanya, mohon seribu kemaafan atas ketidak-update-an blog.. Hargai masa lapang sebelum datangnya sempit, kan?? Mungkin Dia mahu menguji hambaNya dengan ujian 'sempit' sekejap kut.. Jd, maaf, tak berupaya untuk cari masa update blog.. Namun, Alhamdulillah, sedar x sedar, sudahpun minggu kelima pengajian semester 3 di UPM, dan hari ini tamat test 1 fiza dan kawan2 seperjuangan.. hehe...

Mana Lappy?

Status lappy fiza sekarang , sudahpun bertukar wajah.. tetapi, terpaksa dihantar ke doktor pakar untuk dibedah siasat kenapa asyik semput saje.. Niat di hati, nak tambah power lak kasi lappy tuh.. hmmm, 4gb RAM, ok tak??

kita tengok resultnya next week..! ^_^v.

habistu, ni online pakai ape?
thanks to abg Alif..! ^_^v. bg pinjam notebook angry bird dia.. hihi..

Nak share ape hari nie..?

Untuk post kali ni, fiza x mampu nak bercerita panjang.. letih menjawab exam agaknye.. hihi, alasan semata2! Cuma... " terlajak perahu.. boleh undur.. tp, kalau terlajak kata... haihhh, susah nak padam memori tuh.. lainlaaa kalau kne format memori tuh.. mcm lappy fiza sekarang.. :P.."

Orang tua-tua cakap, yang besar tu, mengalah la dengan yang lebih tecik.. tapi, kadang2, sama2 kne tolerate.. sebab, rambut sama hitam, hati lain2... haishhh, Human are such complex creature. :)

Well, UKOM a.k.a TOCIM da pun berlalu.. kalau waktu UKOM, berpeluang jadi Dr. Pemakanan dan debater (lah sangattt~),
Untuk TOCIE, jadi apa pula yea?

mungkin post kali ni kurang perkongsian nya berbanding yang lama2~.. tapi, inshaAllah, ada lah ckit2.. ^_^..

superhero? me?

By : Fiza Chan..!

Alhamdulillah, jari jemari masih dikurniakan kekuatan , minda masih diberi kesempatan untuk berilham.. dan broadband masih berbaki beberapa ringgit... hehe. Semuanya disebabkan olehNYA.. Dia yang juga menghidupkan dan juga mematikan seluruh hambaNya..
Salam pertemuan sekali lagi kepada readers yang sudi bertandang ke laman blog Fiza.. ^_^.

Semuanya kelihatan kembali semua kepada keadaan asal .. Kami yang bergelar mahasiswa kembali meneruskan perjuangan yang terhenti seketika dek cuti semester yang lalu.. Jadi, how's ur life now readers?? ^_^v

Post kali ni cuma ditaip , hanya untuk berkongsi pengalaman dan kisah liku perjalanan hidup mahasiswa.. :P hihi, semester baru agak mencabar, dan sangat mencabar apabila 3 kelas yang diambil kali ni diadakan di Main campus.. well, kne travel lah maknanye.. n most challenging skali, kelas di fakulti kejuruteraan.. wat da...???! (astaghfirullahal'azim) it's just, u have to travel like from north to south for class.. huhu.. fiza n kawan2 x pernah jejak kaki kat fakulti 'kejut' sebelum nie.. halamaakkk, how to find DK7 eh??? slepas 1 jam travel untuk ke fakulti kejut, 2nd obstacle is to find the exact DK ( dewan kuliah) For our lecture.. whoahh, so big u know. i mean , the faculty.. hmm, about 3 minutes left before the lecture start, but still, me n friends can't find the DK.. hmm.. then suddenly, abg Alif said,

" cepat fiza, gunakan PR fiza.. "

eyhhh, PR.. ?? ape tuh?? super power kah??? Power ranger kah??

oowhh, baru teringat, he used to tell me that i am suitable to work in PR field.. ( public relation ).. hihi.. ape lagi....

" excuse me, may i know where the DK7 is.. ? " fiza tanya orang sekeliling.. :P

" owh, here, follow this direction.. .go straight until u find lake, then take left, bla bla bla .. " he replied.

" huh? err, sorry, can u show us the way.. .? "

" owh, okey sure.. are you 1st year student.. ?? "

" err, no. actually, this is our first time to have class in here.. "

" oh, oke.. hihi.. "

lebih kurang mcm tu lah conversation kat fakulti kejut tuh.. :P and alhamdulillah, all of us manage to find our way.. oh my,, i just know i can do that.. so, eventhough i don't have any superpower, but i'm glad because i can still help people with the gift from Allah . He give me bravery to speak out. Alhamdulillah..

moral of the story, help people . with what u have and what u can. dare to speak .. :)

hehe, habiskan masa~

and one more thing, which i used to post it before... 
senyumlah.. senyumlah walau apa jua keadaan yang anda lalui..
right,Batman?? :P


Biskut raya dan Lailatul Qadr???

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum readers..

It's been quite "short time"  i haven't update anything aite ? :P

Salam Ramadhan kareem to all my friends and relatives, and you guys; readers. Thanks a lot for still keep in touch with little-flyzz and Fiza would like to Thank a LOT to my new follower  ^_^.. congrats! u r my 123rd followers..  ^_^.

Not to say i'm BUSY, making biskut raya currently, but, still, i'm in biskut raya mood with my luvly mom lately.. hihi.. but i would be more fun if all my siblings can join us.. it's okay, can't wait to celebrate RAYA together ^_^.

So, back to my topic, i was chatting with mom before, about Lailatul Qadr which is about to come. The exact day is still a mysterious to us, but don't worry, we have 10 days to search for it..

التمسوها في العشر الأواخر من رمضان

Ertinya : " Carilah ia (malam al-qadar) di sepuluh malam terakhir dari bulan ramadhan" 
(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)  

Haa, we got the clue already, what are we waiting for? hehe..
Actually, Mama told me, we cannot blame Allah if a girl got her menstrual during that last 10 days of Ramadhan. Allah is not cruel and we cannot blame Him.. It doesn't mean, those girls cannot do anything for the last 10 days.. everything have its options rite? ^_^

so, if we, girls , cannot perfom solat sunat or read Al-Quran, we still have other options for Lailatul Qadr. ( eventhough there ulamak says we can still read quran with few syarat2 )..  So, the things that Fiza wanna share here is, tips for Girls who .. i mean.. ehem2.. Got "Period" during last 10 days which i had mention before ^_^.. well, briefly, these are things we can do :

  • 1) Berzikir
  • 2) Berdoa
  • 3) Membawa terjemahan Al-Quran serta memahaminya.
  • 4) Mendengar bacaan Al-Quran oleh suaminya, adik beradik atau dari kaset.
    There are various of Zikr, there are many things we can pray for.. Please don't feel dissapoint if you, girls have haid or nifas.  Hey, having "period" is something good.. it shows  that u are healthy... ^_^.. be thankful to HIM.. ^_^..
    hihi, Just a simple sharing.. Actually, i believe there there are a lot more good post about this topic. But i believe, it is important to share so, i just wanna share. just hoping that you guys can get benefits from this.. here; i wanna share some links that i refer to. please feel free to click.. and you know what, even if we have intention to know more about ilmu Allah,  we have already given with  pahala  .. ^_^.

      So, selamat memburu malam Lailatul Qadr.. InshaAllah, sesiapa yang ingin mendekatkan diri dengan Allah, Dia akan permudahkan segala urusan kamu.. ^_^.. jom2! semoga berjaya kawan2 ^_^v

    haaa, ingin menderma?? please kindly click the nuffnang advertisement at the right side column.. i'm really appreciate your kindness ^_^..

    wallahu'alam ^_^



Is this Future Malaysia?

By : Fiza Chan..!
It was before...

My teacher once said,
"kalau kita nak tgk budaya negara orang, kita tengok from filem2 dia.. Apa yang dilakonkan tu kdg2 norma dalam kehidupan mereka.. "

Oh yeah? Yeap, sometimes i can say so.. But if it's true, we should be worry now Malaysian..

Why worry, Fiza?

Well, this is not to put blame on anyone.. This is more to my own opinion.
After about 6 months i haven't watch television as much as i do now, yeah, personally admit, there are so many new dramas.. But..

Okeh, straight to the point.
In a love story.. 
Unmarried couple , easily hugging each other, holding hands, follow ones to his/her house for nothing and so on. Is this our culture?

Malays, drunk. Hang out with friends + alcohol. Or release his/her stress with alcoholic bev. Is this our culture?

I saw those things in television lately.. and I wonder if.. Malaysia will someday be westernized by those culture.. Suddenly i remembered, i used to give response to a question touched on Permodenan dan pembaratan. I do support for Permodenan of Malaysia. Not Pembaratan..

Yea, i should watch the positive sides of the dramas.. but, it's just sometimes makes me worry.. I do not want my race to be destroyed by those things.. I have two more sisters which is growing up and still learning the essence of life.. Just to make sure they are grown up in a good environment. well, me too, growing up.. hehe..

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Oh my Cuti~!

By : Fiza Chan..!

alhamdulillah a week at home feels like heaven.. haha.. Rumahku Syurgaku, xgituh?? ^_^

Again, again n again, spending times with family is the best thing in my life.. mama, along, aby and tikah, thanks for making my every-day is such a blissful day ^_^.

so, Jog for ur health???? haa, ni sebab rindu KAKOM la ni , duk sibuk je nak bergaya suit KAKOM KMPP.. ^_^.. cool anyway.. haha..

move foward fiza. the future is waiting~ hehehe

and mama's cook is the best.. introducing you,

Rendang Wings~!!!! sama mcm nama blog sudaaa~ ^_^..
everytime i take food piccas, i always tell Along,
"Along, adek amik x sedap ponnnnn.." huhu.. xnampak sedap pun .. but, this is the only pic that i can afford to snap..

and again, everytime i got back home, me and my sista always dreamed to have our own home studio.. haha, inshaAllah, if ade rezeki nnti.. kan Along??? ^_^

I'm gonna miss you Along ^_^.. huk3!
thanks for visiting~!

Finally, me n Along, same train~

By : Fiza Chan..!
haa, sorry readers, no new post huh? ngeeee.. dun forget to click da nuffnang! thanks..
so, it's just, not muct words for this post.. but, finally, mission accomplished..! finally, boleh bawa along nek train balik kg sama2 ^_^..

aha, yummy2 hot n roll beef slices! hehehe..along the chibiest chibi ^_^

till we meet again ^_^.

visit ChuMut for more piccas ^_^
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By : Fiza Chan..!

Assalamualaikum.. haaaaa...!!
jejak doriannn 2012!

lokasi terjahan : Hadapan Kolej 10 bersebelahan petronas, UPM serdang. ( sori, lupa amik gambar~! )

ejen terjah : Fiza n kak tiya.. ( kak tiya empunya skuter~ heroin of the day! )

tuuu kat blakang tuuuuu~
hasil terjah~!
sebekas doriannnnnn comellll~! sodappppp! :P

sekian, laporan untuk hari nie :P
selamat menjamu doriannnnn~
gud luck bagi yang ade paper esok yer. hihihi..

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Oh my. it happens!

By : Fiza Chan..!

whoa, it's 5.15 pm by the time i'm typing this post, and Alhamdulillah 2 papers finished already..
Sosio paper today, well, can be said.. Okeylah. wearing all black except for my grey2 shoes and tudung .. suddenly i feel exactly like this ..!hohoho... cute huh? haha.. seriously few of my friends did ask for extra booklet to write the answers eventhough it is already tebal, u know.. whoah.. mesti terer2 diorang nih..
but anyway, it's good to write so many answers because it give u brighter opportunity to get all answers correct. but, for person like me out there, i wanna share what my friend had just told me :

" banyakkan doa kat Allah, biar Allah bantu kita. Kita da usaha sedaya upaya kan?
Maybe point yang ditulis tu dah cukup.. Kadang2, tulis banyak2 pun x semestinya betul gak kan? "

hehehe.. so.. believe in yourself that u have give your best.. Stop thinking the past, and focus for the next paper fiza..!

aha..! another thing to share with you guys...! It's one of the quotes i picked from the glory bottle of MTM's gift..
be positive. Move ahead..!
wallahu'alam ..
^_^ thank you for spending your time on Little-flyzz ^_^

Nak Exam senang? Jom ..!

By : Fiza Chan..!

"Aishh.. esok da nak exam.. rasa mcm x baca pape2 jek lagi.. "
monolog sendiri..

Tut tut.. tut tuttt... msj masuk..

" The more u read, the more u forget! "
laaa, mcm kebetulan pulak kan?? huhu.. baru jek terpikir mcm x baca ape2...

umm, gelisah je ni.. mcm mana...

" Takutla.. exam esok dan seterusnya.."
msj kawan jap..

" Fiza dah cuba sedaya upaya kan? Banyakkan doa kat Allah, tawakkal dengan usaha yang dah fiza buat. InshaAllah, kalau kita betul2 ikhlas, Allah akan tolong kita. ^_^ "
Kawan reply..

a'aa kan.. gelisah punya pasal, fiza terlupa kejap yang kita ade DIA.. jadi kawan2, kita ada DIA...! Alhamdulillah, kan?

huhu.. memang gelisah semacam jek , tambah2, esok dah nak face exam... Fiza percaya, kawan2 pun sama kan? weee~ kita serupa...!

Perkara normal bagi setiap daripada kita untuk rasa kosong kejap ttng ape yang dah kita study.. hari nie, mcm mana kita pulun sekalipun, kita masih x boleh menjangkakan semua yang kita baca tu , kita ingat esok nye... tapi,

" The lesser u read, the little u know.." right?
forgive me if i am wrong.. correct me ya..!

well, kat cnie, tak kisahlah mcm mana kita dah usaha. sikit atau banyak, fiza doakan kita semua berjaya.. ^_^v..

nak share 1 doa sebenarnye nie.. Tapi sebelum tuh, Alkisahnye macam nie..

Teringat moment2 di Mukhayyam Lughawi sewaktu di Naim dulu.. whoa, Damai Beach resort, memang glamer lah untuk dak2 Naim.. sape tak kenal?? sape x pernah sampai?? :P hihihi... Sewaktu beratur untuk makan, ustazah Hachinah datang ke tempat makan. Semua pakat2 nak salam.. (ngeee, rindu pulak kat ustazah.. ^_^ ) then, ustazah share 1 doa nih.. suh amalkan katanye...

" Rabbi Yassir wala tu'assir.."

ape tuh? aiyak, fiza nie, blajar arab pun x tau ka??? adeh.. kasor bunyiknye untuk diri sendiri kan? hoho.. sebenarnye, doa tu adalah,

"Ya Tuhan, permudahkanlah urusanku, permudahkanlah jangan disulitkan"

simple kan???
ni doa penuhnye.. ^_^

"Allahumma yassir wala tu'assir. Rabbi tammim bilkhoir. Birokhmatikaya Arhamarrohimin."

kawan2 boleh terjah blog kakak kita nih untuk bacaan lanjut.. ^_^

Klik sini : LAMAN-SERI

Jadi.. jangan berhenti berusaha.. selamat berjuang ye kawan2. welcome to battle-field..! haa, gundam pon nak posing..!

kamera sony w810i jep.:P
okeylah.. jgn lupa dinner ye.. amik tenaga.. Mulakan perjuangan yang dah dimulakan..! hoho.. semoga berjaya semua..

haa, na minta tlg sikit leh? sambil baca, sambil menderma, sambil2 tu, jemput klik nuffnang ket sebelah kanan anda yer~ ngeeee... sampingan jek..
Jazakallah Khairan Kathira.. ^_^

Solat Sunat Dhuha.

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum readers~!

Sekolah dah Re-Open kan2? So, selamat kembali ke sekolah ye adik2 fiza semua.. ^_^.
Sekali lagi, perjalanan dan perjuangan untuk menghadapi peperiksaan UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM, Mahupun Final Exam bagi kawan2 universiti kembali diteruskan. Stress kan? adik2 tahun 6, kne score 5 bijik A untuk UPSR, kakak2 PMR, SPM, Kne achieve berbelas2 A .. Dan nak kekalkan pointer 3.5 and above bagi kawan2 seperjuangan, fuhh.. mencabar tuh.. ^_^v. Jangan stress.. Jangan panik.. Tenang..

nahh, D.U.I.T. untuk anda..!


Boleh kan..??? InshaAllah.. ^_^

Pagi ni sebenarnya fiza nak share 1 benda yang mungkin bagi sesetengah orang tu, biasa2 suda dalam hidup seharian.. Tapi, mungkin ade yang belum discover, atau, tahu2 pun mcm tu jek ..

Solat dhuha. ^_^

Kalau fiza nak type sendiri, mungkin belum cukup lagi ilmu fiza.. jadi, jom kita terjah webpage sahabat nih... ^_^

Klik sini : Jom solat Dhuha..!

InshaAllah, sama2 kita beramal yek.. ^_^..

Fiza sangat suka nieeeee..:

Credit to UNIC.. ^_^..

Haaa, dah 8:04 am. it's time.. ^_^.. jum..!

Watikah Perlantikan Majlis Tertinggi Mahasiswa 2012/2013

By : Fiza Chan..!

Assalamualaikum, salam 1Wings of words..!
ahaha, kelakar jgak bila difikir2kan, wujudnya "Salam 1Malaysia" semua nak ubah jadi salam masing2.. (selingan2~)

" Bila kita bergelar DAI'E, kita wajib sedar...
Bahawa jiwa kita tidak boleh lama-lama menjadi RE
Bak kata AL BANNA,
" Tanggungjawab melebihi masa yang
Dan TARBIYYAH bersalutkan ILMU & CABAR
AN lah yang dapat mendewasakan Kita..
Tapi, cukupkah sekadar menerima TARBIYYAH? .."

1 JUN 2012..!
Alhamdulillah, fiza n kawan2 ditaklifkan untuk memegang tanggungjawab sebagai pemudahcara Kolej, Penghubung pelajar, dan tak lain lagi, Ahli Majlis Tertinggi MahasisWa Kolej. wuuu, hari bersejarah lah nie yek, kawan2~ ^_^v.
hadiah Untuk mantan jek~

Seronok melihat moment2 tatkala Mantan Presiden MTM 2010/2011 mengumumkan pembubaran board MTM sesi 2010/2011. Which means They are now Freeeeeee~ and It's ouR turn to take over the kingdom..! haha, kingdom? dasyat sgt bunyiknya..

Untuk watikah kali nie, Naaahhh, Welcome to restoran Tupai2!!!!!! hehehe, tak memang perut makan2..!

Mampukah fiza berjuang dalam MTM ?? i wonder~

i still remember what my sifu said,
"Fiza, sebelah kaki kamu sudah selangkah di neraka...."

Hehe, Mama used to tell me once, that sentence. When i was little and i told her,
" Mama2, nanti adek nak jadi peguam lah.."

ngui2, Starting from that, i never dream to be lawyer anymore. haha.
But anyway, i have to realize, everybody must realize that, we can never escape being a leader. most basically, a leader to yourself. and being a leader, one of ur feet is already in hell.. ( err, kasar x sentence nie?? sowie~ direct translation je mcm :P)haaaa, ni lah jadinye bila digandingkan bersama, asyik nak posing jek kite kan tima?? hehehe.. kamu comel la tima :P

And, I always remember what my luvly sista told me when i was going to the MTM's top interview. ( naah, remove the "Top" word pleaseee~!)

there are 2 types of PEMIMPIN.

1) a person who just say "yes" when given a task. whether she really wanted it or not.
2) a person who knows his/her RIGHT as a person, and also as a leader.

betui ka along?? correct me if i wrong yah..! ^_^v. And people, please take note.
Are you going to be just, "yes" person, or u are controlling your own path..?

speak out! be brave to say "no" sometimes..!

One more thing, bear in your mind that, u are not alone. we are hire as a team, then we work as a team.. We build chemistry, together, we can do better k?
"come on la" Ayat abg Adi :P

well, welcome to MTM 2012/2013 board, fiza.. strive for survive..!

Foodnatic Retro Night Fever~!!!!!!

By : Fiza Chan..!
" i believe i'm dealing with a very huge company right now for job.."

hihi, one of the most memorable line i remembered the most during my mock interview today.. i mean, 21 May of course.

Alhamdulillah, finished with all the 2nd test and assignment, yesterday. right now, its the beginning of battle for the final exam. well, not really a beginning. it's just a continuation of what i have started . ^_^.

the annual dinner for my Foodnatic club was held last nite. (Kelab Pemakanan dan Dietetik, UPM). phewww, menampilkan konsep retro, memang semua org retro lah semalam.. hoho.. fiza jadi ape??? alaaa, jadi gadis berbaju kuning, bersama2 microfon jer~~~~sedang mengemaskini teks~

we'll see how the transformation will be~~ tadaaa...!
haaaa, unpredictable betul kan?? hohoho.. thanks to susanti ( coursemate) for helping me with the shawl. seriously i failed when dealing with shawl :P

and now, i announce...! The king and the Queen of the night..!!black and grey~ suits rite?? haah abg Alif, jgn dok blushing sangat. :P

There u go, three nutrition's best friends~

more bestfriends~
... more pictures????

haha, xsempat lagi nak bluetooth ngan kwn.. lots more actually ^_^.
alhamdulillah, everything went well~ congratulations to all the Jawatankuasa pelaksana for the most memorable and successful nite ^_^!

next, i have one more biggie2 thing to be settled.. to all readers, especially UPM-ians, u are most welcome to TwtUpCampus this 26th mei 2012, at Dewan Putra 2. lots of exciting activities are waiting for u ^_^. Okkey. time to sleep~~~~~

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