Oh my. it happens!

5:14 PM


whoa, it's 5.15 pm by the time i'm typing this post, and Alhamdulillah 2 papers finished already..
Sosio paper today, well, can be said.. Okeylah. wearing all black except for my grey2 shoes and tudung .. suddenly i feel exactly like this ..!hohoho... cute huh? haha.. seriously few of my friends did ask for extra booklet to write the answers eventhough it is already tebal, u know.. whoah.. mesti terer2 diorang nih..
but anyway, it's good to write so many answers because it give u brighter opportunity to get all answers correct. but, for person like me out there, i wanna share what my friend had just told me :

" banyakkan doa kat Allah, biar Allah bantu kita. Kita da usaha sedaya upaya kan?
Maybe point yang ditulis tu dah cukup.. Kadang2, tulis banyak2 pun x semestinya betul gak kan? "

hehehe.. so.. believe in yourself that u have give your best.. Stop thinking the past, and focus for the next paper fiza..!

aha..! another thing to share with you guys...! It's one of the quotes i picked from the glory bottle of MTM's gift..
be positive. Move ahead..!
wallahu'alam ..
^_^ thank you for spending your time on Little-flyzz ^_^

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