2000 + 10 + 3 = 2013

2:37 AM

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Alhamdulillah, 2013 has already begun about 2 hours ago. So, happy new Masihi year. It is a gift for us to be given with chance to breath, to smile, and to feel the world surrounding us. Yeah, fireworks are everywhere tonite, and for us, it is a joy, a celebration that comes once a year.. But somehow, the explosion sound actually bring fear to our relatives there in Gaza, Palestine, Syria, and so on. The joy and fear, a contradictions.

Different year brings different kind of celebration. and every person also have their own way towards celebrating new Year. Some, not celebrating it at all. Well, there's nothing wrong with no celebration aite? ok, just asking.. ^_^. Alhamdulillah, today's situation has change bit by bit. Today, there is a 'konvoi' from Masjid UPM to Shah Alam, celebrating New Year with Majlis ilmu .. Alhamdulillah, good effort..! and i really feel glad for it.. but as for me and my friends, haaa~ a new year with books and notes..

And i love making notes!

It feels worth for spending time with my books and notes while others are celebrating new year. Well, for me, it's a joy.. hehe.. It's a history to be kept in memory.. why? hehe, for having examination for two years! i've finished my first paper in 2012, and now, battle for 2013 papers! hehehe.
Good luck everyone.. 

And, i luv you ^_^. (mengade~)

minna - san! don't forget to register for rm200 smartphones rebate ^_^. well, it was stated that the early birds catches the worm.. which is, only 1.5 mill of youth age 21-30 have chance to get it.. so, let's battle.. hihihi...
anyway, i'm sleepy.. so, happy new year, happy studying, happy fighting for 4.00 pointer! 

and, i love ironman! super cool!


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