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Allah sayang Siapa?

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum, Sekadar perkongsian..

Haritu.. ada ustaz cakap..
Kadang2, Allah turunkan Hujan kerana kasih dan rahmat Nya kepada makhluk lain. Haiwan, Tumbuhan. Kerana kita , Manusia yang masih bergelumang dengan dosa, sedangkan makhluk lain berzikir kepadaNya tak putus2.

SubahanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Hujan turun dengan lebat semalam.,dan diberikanNya hari yang cerah hari ini.

Adakah esok kita masih sempat menikmati rahmat Allah? Pray hard. Keep pray.

Whisper Alhamdulillah for every creation He made, every rahmat He give. The reason why we are still breathing is that, we are having too much sin to die and He still give us chance to repent. Syukran.


Untouchable mind.

By : Fiza Chan..!
Untouchable mind.
when u grow up.. mind should grow either.
when we were child, we can decide without thinking further . people wont mad cuz they said, " they are still children n growing".

When u r up.. every single decision must be justified by thinking and consequences. Because people say.. " She/He's already growing up.."

think before speak, empathy before judge, everything must be planned well.

When u ask for apologize. it doesn't always mean, you are wrong.
It's because u love the friend-/relation-ship.

so much thoughts , so much words but if all humankind understand and have these in their heart and mind, actions would speaks louder than words.

Thank you, its hurt. But Its okay. we live this life only for once.

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