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Study week~

By : Fiza Chan..!

I would say, A week is not enough..~! hihi.. But, if given more than a week, most of da people would ask for less. why?? can't stand of facing all those white papers, colourful highlighters, thick tingling books and... haa.. you guys know..

Too much of pressure within this one whole week. But, there are some of funny things too.. well, that's life rite? Couples of days a go i got to know more of this person, and also, i got some misunderstanding with another.. again, i'm hoping for things to be back to normal again and just forget that 'tiny mini miney more' thinggg.. hihihi..

Few days more to go before my "first paper of my first final exam for my first semester in the first year of my UPM life.." i'm struggling to get dean as i've dreamed for it quite long tyme.. before i enter university. but ' em.. today is kinda disappointing as, the result for one of the subjects taken this semester had released..
Oww my gudness... i did cried for this .. but, accepting is more likely to be the best option. Maybe my effort isn't enough for me to get better. but, what HE had gave is is truly the best. aite??
rite now, taking break with blogging , and facebook-ing.. later i should be back to studying and give my best shot for this coming final exam.. Thanks Allah for giving me strength to still studying and gud health ( just recover from severe exhausted, kikiki ). thanks Along for ur support. Luv You for a thousand years and more..! and Thanks ya Allah, Alhamdulillah, You're Always with me..

Enough of complaining, enough of crying, and start to be positive again..! rite no, i'm hungry for nasi....~~~!! grrr.. huhuhuh..

take care, minna San ..!

jOm tawan dunia~!

By : Fiza Chan..!

hAi sumerrr~! guest what, fiza g hiking at broga hill td.. perghh mantap arrr...~!
berangin habes kat puncak dia. mcm lam citer hindustan lak.. ^_^ you guys better try..~!
kAlau broga leh tawan, insyaAllah paper final nnti boleh go through ^_^ please pray for my final exam.. ~! thanks..
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BaktiSiswa-MSM: Perkampungan Bakti Putra

By : Fiza Chan..!

Hari ni fiza curi masa skett untuk update blog yang dah lama rindu fiza untuk di-updatekan ^_^.
Sambil2 tue, mengambil kesempatan xde kelas Kenegaraan Malaysia hari nie.. knape? kerananya- sudah tamat lesson kenegaraan untuk semester nie.. Alhamdulillah. tapi, exam-nye mcm mana pulak erk? huhu..

Ingat lagi x?
Alhamdulillah skali lagi sebab, tamat dengan jayanya program yang dirancang .. fiza pun dapat family angkat tau.. there you go ^_^..
Manja sangat adk bongsu tue, jami'ul khoir namanye.. tgk2, siap dibulinye lagi haaa..
Kebanyakan orang disana berdarah JAWA.. jadi, kat rumah tue, asyik dengar diorang berbahasa jawa.. adehh, rugi sgt x sempat belajar.. Ayah angkat fiza Pak imAm kat sana tau ^_^. Mak angkat pulak, ade buka kedaii makan kat sana..

Tanjung Karang really is a nice place.. i'm not intend to write ,much because, people likes to view piccas rather than words.. rite3??? hihi..


Please visit this link for more piccas ^_^

FacebOok album^_^..
(sebenarnye, ade byk lagi.. ^_^)

Syurkan 'ala Visit~!
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What a gloomy day~

By : Fiza Chan..!

~ketinggalan bas :10/12/11<~ hehehe.

Assalamualaikum, readers~

Kalau sebelum2 nie asyik sebut tntg busy, haaa.. lumrah hidup di Universiti agaknye :P

Baru2 nie fiza attend interview for a camp. adehh, nak pegi camp pun kne interview ka? Well, they just wanna pick the best from the best, so.... It's okeylah.. It's just, interview really freak me out.. Facing about 11 people in that creepy meeting room makes me feel freaking nervous . i'm kinda not sure how was my presentation once i stepped out from that room.. But, it really give me new experience . like abg Wan said :

" Ni baru interview kecil, nanti kalau nak kerje, ade lg interview.. "

oke2, fiza faham, abg wan ^_^ tenkiu..

Harapan? well, if Allah gives me the opportunity to be one of the campers, ALHAMDULILLAH..

Sabtu, 10/12/11 really is gloomy day for baksis.

it's the day where all the unit has to present their work and effort. They must convince our face that their job is reaching 90% almost finished. Unit? Fasi? well3.. there you go.. :
see? cantik x?? hihi, thanks to unit publisiti for producing this cool poster ^_^.
My baksis group, 33, combining with group 28, and 30, and in collaboration with Mahasiswa Satu Malaysia will be organizing our mega project .

Program Bakti Siswa-Mahasiswa Satu Malaysia: Perkampungan Bakti Putra.

it's a big event and me and my friends are actually new to this.. maybe some has already have this experience but, most of us doesn't. During the presentation, there are some who shed their tears , angry and scared (maybe). why? they were pressured by the faci and pengarah projek. I'm not blaming on anyone. i do understand the reason they act like that. It's to make sure that all the preparation are goin well, plus, everyone do their job. Not just depending on the leader of each unit to work.

To all my friends, u guys have done your best. it's just, there are certain things we do not see. and through last baksis session, we can overcome all those small thinggs that we miss. be strong because there are a lots of things bigger that you guys will be faced. take this as ur precious experience and use it in future. don't easily get angry when people are correcting you. ^_^.


Jom kita berusaha sampai berjaya..!
to all readers, please pray for our success.. ^_^ thanks a lot..


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