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First interview..? Part II

By : Nur Fiza
Interview day?

Well well well.. I've mentioned about sleep early a night before this big day right? So... it's the day..

1. Get up early dearies~ Therefore, no need to rush to make final preparations. To dress up and make-up. Okay, my friend warned me not to wear make-up too much. Hey, I'm not that type (>.<)".
Since this is my very first time going to a job interview, I did practiced my script. My very own script. Haha, it may seems silly but I consider it as another preparation. Heee..

2. Go to the place early. My session was at 10.30am. And I arrived there at 10.15am. pheww.. 15 minutes earlier but it's worth. The staff there asked me to filled up a form and being early gimme ample time to settle that first task :) So, do go early ya! You never know what awaits.

3. By the way.., do bring a pen. So you will not have to borrow from the staff. That actually makes you look prepared too!

4. When the time comes.... Take a deep breath and think positive 😊😊. Every interviewer used to be in your shoes and they know how does u feel.  Just focus on your aim, answer every questions calmly and be yourself. The interviewer only wants to know you better via interview. 

Just a humble sharing from this amateur living creature.. Anyway, do not afraid to try something new and dare to fail. Because every failure give you lesson and people who never fail actually never try. Unless they are very lucky! ^__^

Stay tune.! Have courage..!

p/s:oh... sorry for the grammar. wild typing~

First interview..? Part I

By : Nur Fiza
Salam readers and hi!

Life experience, always a good teacher right? ^__^

Today is my first job interview in my life..! Ade kawan cakap,
 " eee teruknya xpernah interview~" (yelah, dah tua di sini)

haha, funny right? But nevermind, everyone has different story in their life  (^_^)v. And today, I am one of the 5 candidates who came for interview at one of the pharmacy in private sector:)

Biggest thing about going for an interview is.. NERVOUS! Of course. Plus, when it is your first time. But don't worry, it is normal and you just have to cool down and manage your stress. But how to? 

What do you need to do or to have before going to an interview?

1. Arrange all your certificates accordingly. You can check this page for more information: 

2. Make copies of your certificates and make sure to sahkan from the authorities. (I asked help from school principal).
A friend of mine also reminded me to make copies of my IC and also my driving license (in case the employer ask for it). Plus, do bring a copy of your resume.

3. Do some homework! Every candidates must have information about the position that you wanted to apply. Not only about the job, but also about the company. Try to review the salary too because usually they will ask about your expected salary. The information you get may benefits you during interview.

4. Pray. Yes, just pray according to your own beliefs. It'll help you feel better. I only have two days to make all the preparations and the best thing to do when you have done everything you can is to.. Pray. Ask for His guidance and blessing. Hoping for the interview session will be smooth and silky :P  
5. A night before interview, sleep early!

Well, this is only 2 days preparations which I believe, I am still lacking at some parts. Do check out other information from the internet or ask any of your friend who already gone through any interview. Stay tune!

Interview day? Please go to the "First interview..? Part II"

p/s:oh... sorry for the grammar. wild typing~


By : Nur Fiza

Things that we love the most aren't always the best for us.. 
Blinded by desire, love by emotions, admire by feelings.

Hard .. Either to be selfish , Or take millions steps back now.
Harder, when mouth speaks but heart deny. 
Hardest, losing..

Scare to hurt, but it's hurt. 
Leave it to fate.. Or .. Stop?
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