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8:29 AM

~> tima, ko bahagia kah di sabah ?? hihi ( tetibek jek )

Assalamualaikum wbt...

People say; marriage is one and only once in life , for us, girlsss.. it is the biggest decision in life.. so, if and only if, choose the best. the best? how? well. depending on one's perception. how u guys see and accept someone to be ur life partner.

mudah percaya

" Berikan cintamu, juga sayangmu, PERCAYA PADAKU, ku kan menjagamu, hingga akhir waktu.."

perghhh, ayat..
to trust and to be trusted REALLY is a BIG thing. To trust, u must have make up ur mind for hundreds of time. why? people used to start sharing things when they trust others. for best friend, girls especially, they would share almost everything, NOT EXCLUDED, about love.. hihi.. rite? well3, girls are girls... soft, and easily touched creature.. plus, complex! ye ker?

to be trusted, you guys must have been convincing people for a period of time rite? suddenly this "to be trusted" thing reminds me to a situation where, i was in game called 'kampung terbakar' .. . first round i was appointed to be a devil to crush the village.. how was the ending? i managed to stay in the village and the 'kampung' failed .. but in second round, i was the Penghulu for the 'kampung'.. warghhh... it's hard to gain people trust again after what had i done to the 'kampung' .. i have to speak out, talk from heart to heart and convince that i'm the Penghulu. alhamdulillah, Penghulu managed to stay in the kampung.. he he..

It's easy to trust and be trusted. but, once u break that pure bond, it's hard to gain it back.


dissapoint? it's common lah..me myself do experience this.. not because i had a broke up few years ago, but it is because of myself.. sad of my attitude toward my future an my family. but to have a crush in ur love life, it's common to all of us.. don't worry;

" kumbang bukan seekor, bunga bukan sekuntum.. ^_^ "

remember this;
"Perempuan yang baik adalah untuk laki-laki yang baik.. dan sebaliknye.."

so, to get the best, we must first be the best ^_^

eh2. duk cakap pasal chenta plak...
today is 31st of January!!! tomorrow is a new month in this brand new 2012 and dragon year.. aaaaaahhh, fiza loves dragon so damn mUch! aummm!! hihi..

have a great day everyone.. feel free to comment and share any thought.. ^_^

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