dAdih + Apple pie = lOve :D

8:02 PM


jUm buat dadih~
lOoks simple eyh?

but.. the moment i've spent with mama making this is priceless ^_^. Luv mama ^_^

Apple pie with chef Along!!

Yummy ~!.. you can get the recipe from tumblr.

again it look simple and common.. but, the moment i've spent with Along is
most precious ^_^.

i Love my Family!

sO, the moral of da story is...
holiday REALLY is the best time for us to have our own time. to Qada sleep, to eat freee food :P, to watch TV , and to avoid books and notes for a while.
BUT, in the mean time, this is our chance to REALLY be with family... Do create priceless moment as much as you can . It could be as simple as helping ur mom in the kitchen, or maybe helping in housekeeping..

why not??

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