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By : Fiza Chan..!

Trial SPM start 19/8..

hee.. di percepatkan huh? it's ok.. i'll face it..

I'm sorry cUz my tIme is really limited.. yeah, sometime, off from track jg.. " mcm skrg, smpt lagi duk update blog??"
x pa, release tension jap.. ha ha..

so, the time has getting more and more close..

lOoks like i'm going to switch off my phone for a while..
Sometime i felt guilty , cuz thinking of juz off da phone, and left my friends, jUst because of exam..
bUt.. i knOw, for my future..
Is kUn, Remember da equivalent exchange theory??

sO, sementara masa masih ada, gUwe akan terus berjuang!!

tulun faham kondisi guwe di sini ya..
dan, aaahh!!!! time never stOp! Study2!!

Okeylah.. Wish me lUck..
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