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the VICTORY is OURS..!!

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera. ^_^

It's really a very tough times tO find some times to update my blog.. Stepped in Kolej 17, UPM really brings me to a brand new world.. ( world?? too big eyh?? ) =P

Last nite was amazing!! K17( my college) cooperated with K14 was fantastic!! again, we have won the first place for the MTP.. MTP?? it stands for Malam Tunas Putra .. And for the record, it's the third year which the victory is ours!! hihihi..

Rite now , me and my multimedia friend are waiting for our stage team to do rehearsal and the real performance TONITE..!!!! Last nite's competiton was succeeded smoothly. But today, we have to share the one and only stage here in Dewan Besar UPM.. adehhh, kinda worry as the mini stage for the COntestant of the Pidato kinda interrupt our space for the performance.. haiyo! i'm thinking of publishing the video we've made for the presentation..!!! nak tak???? later....

so... that's one of the update from me.. what i've been for few days been in UPM...

see u guys in da next post k..! take care.. wslm ^_^
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orientasi UPM

By : Fiza Chan..!

Bunga kekwa berkuntum-kuntum,

bunga dari negara Tunisia,

Saya dahulukan, Assalamualaikum,

salam sejahtera, salam 1 MALAYSIA..!

Haaa, lama sgt x update kan.. since mendaftar ke UPM nie, memang bz kOtt.. phewww.. ^_^ .. to Along, mama, and everyine kat rumah , jum check out some of the pic taken from the orientasi until today..

This one , ticket to SERDANG.. huu, hiba, sayu rase nak berpisah~

new hOme sweet hOme~

sOme of the goodies~ coming soon, UPM Broadband.!


NEW friends, from left; fara (medic), jamilah(biomedic) and x sure lak yg lg dua org tue.. hihi, sowie!



dalam ... err, with my housemate..!

posing ngan meow.. cnie banyak sgt meow, bulat2!!! siap ade loceng lg a few of them..!

posing dalam dewan kuliah UTAMA..

haaa, foreign student..! from left; fatimah(nursing) and saadiah( not sure what course). they are from NIGERIA..!

ni kat bukit ekspo..

kat bukit ekspo lg..~

with housemate, timah rocky..!

posing lg.. pakai pashmina ni time majlis ikrar tau..!

bru amik td..guna kamera phone kawan..

sooo, that's all, i mean, a few of piccas taken .. coming soon, i'll try to upload videos of cheers from some of da colleges .. hot cheers; k10!!!

adios! assalamualaikum..

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