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Bed time story~

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum.. ^_^
just thought of one simple bed time story, shared by my friend.. so,, i wanna share with u guys..

" Once upOn a time, there was a pair of fairies. They flew all around the earth.. Their appearance is just like other fairies in da world. born to have a pair of charming wings and a staff.. ^_^.. at One moment, the fairies flew down to a small town, situated in a small country.. (only the fairies know =P)

While they were flying around, there was a sudden force that attracts them.. it was a magical stRong force! they tried to search for the source.. Finally, they discovered that, it comes from a small house. situated, just at the border of a town..

The two fairies flew down to the house as the great force keep pulling them. They took a look into the small house. They wonder, what made the force to pull them. The fairies both, flew around the house. Unfortunately, there's not a single thing that they felt logic to produce any force. Then they decided to enter the house.

In the house. they saw a woman, cooking.. her children waited patiently for their foods..

The fairies wondered, is it the aroma of the food brings them there.. naah, seems not.. then they kept wondering.. after a while, the still can't figure out the exact answer for the "puzzle". They decided to observe all the activities in the house for the whole day..

At the end of the day, the realized that the force is in the sense of love between human being. They never experience it before as they are fairies.. It only exist when human tend to appreciate each other.. "

tadaaa..!!! the end.. hihi, i've told ya, this is a simple story.. hihi.. hoping that the story maker will read this.. Once u read this, inform me ya! haa, thanks for the lovely story.. really luv it.. nitey everyone..
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heart a.k.a liver~

By : Fiza Chan..!
*Just finished eating porridge for my lunch. hehe

td time dok chit chat ngan mama, tertarik perhatian fiza akan satu topik.. well, just for today's highlight.. tentang, menghargai sesuatu, sebelum dan selepas memiliki.. waahh, what a topic.. :P

perasan atau tidak, mcm mana sebuah percintaan bermula?? ok, first and foremost, si lelaki akan cuba tackle rite? masa ni lah sangat manis mulut, punyalah care, amik berat, pheww, cayalahhhh! everything goes nice.. anything to make sure that u guys get what u want..

same goes to , when you wanna buy something.. something you want so much.. let say,a camera.. owh2!! dslr!! hihi.. ( one of the thing in my wishlist ) ,, well of course you will look for it's features, and so on. when u have come to final decision, which is..
" I Wanna Buy it..!!! " ^_^

u'll do anything for it.. rite??
before i proceed , i wanna share u guys a simple story..

There's a guy, who really wants to buy this gold watch... perghh, crazy to have it and will do anything for it.. And at last, he manage to buy it.. at first few weeks, he cares so much about the watch. everytime after he takes out his watch, he'll keep it in the box(watch tu punyer).. but then, few months later, he just throw it on the bed, dah malas nak peduli sgt dahhh~ pity the watch rite.. ? at first, the owner really cares for it, but, after a long period of times, no more.

well, that's a human.. whenever a man ( refer to all human ) wants something, he'll do anything to get it.. but once it is owned, there's no such thing called 'care' anymore.. maybe not "anymore", but we can see the difference before and after being owned..

have u ever wonder how a couple can marry? well of course it comes from love.. but, what about divorce? if they love each other, why must a word "divorce" exist?? have a look at this common issue..

switch language!
erghh, sowi for da grammar mistakes and so on..
rasa kasih dan sayang itu sebenarnya lahir dari hati sanubari kita.. kalau mahu memiliki, fikir dahulu sebelum buang.. huh?

eh2! salah skrip!
"fikir dahulu sebelum buat keputusan untuk memiliki.."
adakah kasih itu lahir dari hati, atau ianya cuma nafsu semata-mata?
fza sgt2 harap, each of us can really care about others feeling.. we can say, "aku ade hati gak.." same goes to others.. all of us got heart.. or should i type, all of us has liver?? hihi, sendiri faham la kan? :P if u really care, act as u care..

jgn pada mulanya sangat bermanis kata, stelah memiliki, masam mencuka..

i leave u guys here.. think! ^_^

tc, spOngebob..

hi, hi~ bubbye~

By : Fiza Chan..!

“Err, Along, kat ne nie? “

“ xpe2, jap kte tanya pak cik tue..” , “Excuse me sir, where is the faculty of science pharmacy ?”

The guy pause for a while..


“ok, follow me~ “

hah, I was kinda nervous watching my Along’s aksi berani mati.. hihi, not really dying ~ Smile with tongue out 

“Are you student here? “ he asked.

“err, actually no. we were just visiting..hihi..” my Along replied.

I thought of being one of the student there, but…naaah, maybe not my luck.Sad smile


I can see many rooms along the office (I think). Kinda long path we took, but better than walking under the sun.. Pheww, the smell of medicine, creepy. it feels like walking in a ward of a hospital.. Aha, at last the door that both of us looking for so much..


“Thanks sir…” we thanked to the guy.Ummm, One of the prof. there I think..

Yiippie, finally arrived !


USM_a memoir


haha, even I’m not chosen as becoming freshie of USM, i ‘m still happy to have the opportunity of being there . Even as visitor, erm, for only short period of time Smile..

It is the place that I dreamt to be at the most. to further my study.. but then, again, it was not my luck.. I’m not for USM.. wait a sec.! or the USM is not for me?? ahaha..


back to this phrase ;


Fighting is Obligatory by you, much as you dislike it. But you may hate a thing although it is good for you and love a thing although it is bad for you. ALLAH knows, but you do not.


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People used to say, “ life is like gamble.. “ do you agree??

Well, maybe it’s kinda true.. In life, every action u take, every movement you make, You have to face the consequences~


I’m taking risk of not doing any rayuan for the USM .. haha, why?? on of the reason is .. “ saje”

huhu.. it’s not really “saje” k.. I just want to see how far I can go with all the result I have achieved.. Where am I next, with all the effort that I have been done all this while.. let see.. Where am I destined to.. hihi.. so;


“Believe in Him..He knows Best !^_^“


Haiyo, I was intended to write a lot .. there are so many ideas “dancing” in my brain last nite.. Now everything fade with all da dreams I had .. nevermind.. I don't know smile.


umm.. Gud luck there at Havard , Along.. I’m very Proud of ya!

“I’ll continue later! “

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By : Fiza Chan..!

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potentially problematic

By : Fiza Chan..!

Assalamualaikum wbt..


In every tale, there must be a part, where the story goes complicated. For example, in Barbie and the Magic Pegasus; the Wand Of Light was stole by evil wizard, Wenlock. Ahh! Also, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow, when Ron was influence by the Voldemort’s Horcrux. He can’t think rationally and leave Hermionie and Harry in the middle of their journey.  That is,  the turning point of a story. 


Knowing or not, we are actually in a story, and we are the main character of it. What story? it is our Life Time Story. The first chapter begins since our first breath, long time ago. am I right? The question is, how far does our story goes? oh, another question! How is our story, is it good, or bad?


I was actually intended to talk about; problem. No one can escape from facing any problems during lifetime.. They are actually act as teacher. Problems teach us how to be tougher, how to live better and to be braver to move ahead. When we faced problem, we will struggle to find the solution. Once it is solved, one will feel so relief at the same time, gains new experience of living. Next time, we will feel more confident when facing same situation. That is why, the more problems a person faced, the more experience he gains. Thus, one can plan a well living ahead. ^_^


“ Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya “

Al-Baqarah ; 286


Just to remind, different people, got different story behind their appearance. We cannot assume that everyone which seems such happy guy live a happy life. Maybe they have actually faced bad time. It’s just, they have already adapt to it and pretend nothing bad happen. Only they, and God know.. Easy saying,

“ Don’t judge a bOok by only it’s cover “ Get knowing people.


Another one is, do not take your problem as the worst among others. We never know how tough are, other’s problem. Trust me, ours is not very bad one. Then, don’t simply act like you are dying because of it. Our action actually implies that we do not know how to handle it well. Stay calm. There must be solutions for every complication. Bear in Mind :


Every cloud has Its Silver Lining

~ Arigatou for lending yoUr time~

tC, spOngebob

alasan dan jawapan

By : Fiza Chan..!
Alhamdulillah, stelah skian lama x on9.. sempat ag wi fi kat kolej nie.. terjumpa satu post yg sangat menarik drpd sahabat di facebook.. jom, kita baca sama2~

created the doc: "ce bca..disini ada jwpnnya"
Jejaka Cahaya created the doc: "ce bca..disini ada jwpnnya"

Jom kita tengok apakah alasan yang selalu digunakan org,dan apa jawapan yang mungkin sesuai untuk mereka.kemudian kita bincang..

1. Semua yang tutup aurat, kompom masuk syurga ke?

-Yang pasti, tak tutup aurat, kompom masuk neraka.

2. Tudung labuh pun macam baik sangat. Buat dosa jugak. Mengumpat orang.

-Bila Iblis tak mahu ikut perintah Allah untuk bersujud kepada Adam, dia menyalahkan perintah Allah itu.“Apahal pulak aku kena sujud, aku lebih baik dan mulia”.

Samalah dengan tudung. Tudung pula yang disalahkan.

3. Macamlah kau bagus sangat nak tegur aku. Kau dulu lagi jahat nak mampos.

-Tidak tersabit larangan dari Nabi untuk seseorang yang bahkan yg baru masuk Islam untuk pergi berdakwah kepada kaumnya. Maksudnya, dakwah itu tuntutan. Selagi kau Islam, dakwah tu wajib walaupun kau sendiri tak berapa betul. Sekurang-kurang dia insaf dan bertaubat

4. Walau kami pakai seksi tapi hati kami baik.

-Adakah kau mendakwa diri kau mempunyai hati yang suci, iman yang tinggi dan kononnya ia sudah cukup menjamin maruah diri kau tanpa perlu menutup aurat?

5. Pakai jarang ke ketat ke, itu hak kami. Kalau tak suka jangan tengok.

-Adakah kau berani menjamin bahawa semua lelaki ajnabi mempunyai hati suci dan iman yang tinggi untuk menahan godaan syaitan serta nafsu yang membuak-buak?

6. Kami rasa apa yang kami pakai tak seksi. Terpulang kepada individu yang memandang kami.

-Seksi atau tidak, kau tetap berdosa walaupun hanya menayang sehelai rambut kau.

7. Walau kami tak bertudung, kami tetap sembahyang dan puasa.

-Apakah ibadat kau diterima? Kau yakin cuma dengan berpuasa sudah cukup untuk menjamin kau masuk syurga?

8. Sukahati kamilah nak pakai macam ni. Kami tak susahkan hidup orang lain.

-Kau sebenarnya dah susahkan bapa, abang, adik, suami serta orang lain dengan menarik mereka ke neraka bersama kau disebabkan mereka tidak menegur dan gagal mendidik kau.

9. Apa yang kami pakai, ini antara kami dengan Tuhan.

-Berani cakap di dunia, berani ke kau cakap macam tu depan Allah nanti?

10. Kami pakai seksi macam ni, sebab ikut arahan photographer/pengarah filem untuk disesuaikan dalam scene. (ayat artis)

-Sanggup patuh arahan mereka daripada patuh suruhan Allah?

11. Bukan kami tak mahu menutup aurat, cuma masih belum sampai seru.

-Mati tidak mengenal usia. Tak takut ke mati dalam usia muda? Tak sempat nak bertaubat nanti.

12. Takkan nak buat perubahan secara drastik? Slow-slow la..

-Boleh ke cakap kat Malaikat Izrail nanti, tunggu kejap! Lepak la dulu. Jangan ambil lagi nyawa aku.

13. Tutup aurat tu bagus tapi kami tidak mahu hipokrit kerana tidak ikhlas melakukannya.

-Kalau begitu kau sebenarnya memang hipokrit kerana tidak ikhlas beragama Islam.


setiap ciptaan tuhan yang berharga di dunia ini akan terlindung dan amat sukar untuk diperolehi. Di mana kamu boleh dapatkan permata?

Tertanam jauh di perut bumi, tertudung dan dilindungi.

Dimana kamu jumpa Mutiara?

Terbenam jauh di dalam lautan, tertudung dan dilindungi oleh kulit kerang yang cantik.

Di mana kamu cari emas?

Terperosok di lapisan bumi tertudung dengan lapisan demi lapisan tanah dan batu,

Tubuh kamu hawa adalah suci malah lebih berharga daripada emas mahupun permata. Oleh itu kamu juga perlu bertudung dan melindungi diri kamu...

*copy paste. moga jd renungan kita brsama.klu da slh dlm text ni tgur k.waallahu'alam

Respons yang bAik ^_^

By : Fiza Chan..!

Assalamualaikum, salam perpaduan!

Alhamdulillah hr ni Allah memberi kesempatan untuk fiza berblog.. rindu sgt nak menulis. tatkala sibuk dengan tugas2 sebagai seorang anak, terkadang terlintas difikiran akan topik2 apa yang mahu ditulis, untuk perkongsian di teratak “sayap2 kata” .. tp, lupa nak catat, so, ibaratkan menulis di pasir pantai, kemudian hilang ditiup bayu~ “ecece, nak berkias , tp x pandai. “


isu yang fiza nak bincangkan atau berkongsi pendapat kali ini adalah mengenai “ memberi respons yang baik”


respons ni sebahagian daripada komunikasi dalam kehidupan seharian. ade yang bertanya, ade pula la yang menjawab..  pernah tak kiter renung sejenak, adakah kita telah menjadi pemberi response yg baik??


kadang2 kan, kita dibelenggu kemurungan, dikelilingi masalah, membuatkan kita ‘bad mood’. then ade rummate, or kwn yang ceria bertanya soalan dengan penuh keriangan.


“ awak2, da mkn lum? nak mkn skali x? ngeee…”

“ humm, dah.. =( “


bila ditanya tentang , ape prob, tarik muka masam.. aiyo bro, sis, jgnla keadaan yang kawal diri, bahkan biar anda yg control keadaan. fza berkongsi di sini bukan ape, banyak kes yang melibatkan fiza sendiri, agak terkilan dengan sikap rakan sekeliling. maaf untuk berkata, cuba mahu mengajak kita yang dah besar panjang nie, bersikap lebih terbuka..

same thing goes to, “ when you want people to understand you. you must make them, let them understand”

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