Bed time story~

10:05 PM

Assalamualaikum.. ^_^
just thought of one simple bed time story, shared by my friend.. so,, i wanna share with u guys..

" Once upOn a time, there was a pair of fairies. They flew all around the earth.. Their appearance is just like other fairies in da world. born to have a pair of charming wings and a staff.. ^_^.. at One moment, the fairies flew down to a small town, situated in a small country.. (only the fairies know =P)

While they were flying around, there was a sudden force that attracts them.. it was a magical stRong force! they tried to search for the source.. Finally, they discovered that, it comes from a small house. situated, just at the border of a town..

The two fairies flew down to the house as the great force keep pulling them. They took a look into the small house. They wonder, what made the force to pull them. The fairies both, flew around the house. Unfortunately, there's not a single thing that they felt logic to produce any force. Then they decided to enter the house.

In the house. they saw a woman, cooking.. her children waited patiently for their foods..

The fairies wondered, is it the aroma of the food brings them there.. naah, seems not.. then they kept wondering.. after a while, the still can't figure out the exact answer for the "puzzle". They decided to observe all the activities in the house for the whole day..

At the end of the day, the realized that the force is in the sense of love between human being. They never experience it before as they are fairies.. It only exist when human tend to appreciate each other.. "

tadaaa..!!! the end.. hihi, i've told ya, this is a simple story.. hihi.. hoping that the story maker will read this.. Once u read this, inform me ya! haa, thanks for the lovely story.. really luv it.. nitey everyone..

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