heart a.k.a liver~

12:53 PM

*Just finished eating porridge for my lunch. hehe

td time dok chit chat ngan mama, tertarik perhatian fiza akan satu topik.. well, just for today's highlight.. tentang, menghargai sesuatu, sebelum dan selepas memiliki.. waahh, what a topic.. :P

perasan atau tidak, mcm mana sebuah percintaan bermula?? ok, first and foremost, si lelaki akan cuba tackle rite? masa ni lah sangat manis mulut, punyalah care, amik berat, pheww, cayalahhhh! everything goes nice.. anything to make sure that u guys get what u want..

same goes to , when you wanna buy something.. something you want so much.. let say,a camera.. owh2!! dslr!! hihi.. ( one of the thing in my wishlist ) ,, well of course you will look for it's features, and so on. when u have come to final decision, which is..
" I Wanna Buy it..!!! " ^_^

u'll do anything for it.. rite??
before i proceed , i wanna share u guys a simple story..

There's a guy, who really wants to buy this gold watch... perghh, crazy to have it and will do anything for it.. And at last, he manage to buy it.. at first few weeks, he cares so much about the watch. everytime after he takes out his watch, he'll keep it in the box(watch tu punyer).. but then, few months later, he just throw it on the bed, dah malas nak peduli sgt dahhh~ pity the watch rite.. ? at first, the owner really cares for it, but, after a long period of times, no more.

well, that's a human.. whenever a man ( refer to all human ) wants something, he'll do anything to get it.. but once it is owned, there's no such thing called 'care' anymore.. maybe not "anymore", but we can see the difference before and after being owned..

have u ever wonder how a couple can marry? well of course it comes from love.. but, what about divorce? if they love each other, why must a word "divorce" exist?? have a look at this common issue..

switch language!
erghh, sowi for da grammar mistakes and so on..
rasa kasih dan sayang itu sebenarnya lahir dari hati sanubari kita.. kalau mahu memiliki, fikir dahulu sebelum buang.. huh?

eh2! salah skrip!
"fikir dahulu sebelum buat keputusan untuk memiliki.."
adakah kasih itu lahir dari hati, atau ianya cuma nafsu semata-mata?
fza sgt2 harap, each of us can really care about others feeling.. we can say, "aku ade hati gak.." same goes to others.. all of us got heart.. or should i type, all of us has liver?? hihi, sendiri faham la kan? :P if u really care, act as u care..

jgn pada mulanya sangat bermanis kata, stelah memiliki, masam mencuka..

i leave u guys here.. think! ^_^

tc, spOngebob..

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