hi, hi~ bubbye~

9:19 AM

“Err, Along, kat ne nie? “

“ xpe2, jap kte tanya pak cik tue..” , “Excuse me sir, where is the faculty of science pharmacy ?”

The guy pause for a while..


“ok, follow me~ “

hah, I was kinda nervous watching my Along’s aksi berani mati.. hihi, not really dying ~ Smile with tongue out 

“Are you student here? “ he asked.

“err, actually no. we were just visiting..hihi..” my Along replied.

I thought of being one of the student there, but…naaah, maybe not my luck.Sad smile


I can see many rooms along the office (I think). Kinda long path we took, but better than walking under the sun.. Pheww, the smell of medicine, creepy. it feels like walking in a ward of a hospital.. Aha, at last the door that both of us looking for so much..


“Thanks sir…” we thanked to the guy.Ummm, One of the prof. there I think..

Yiippie, finally arrived !


USM_a memoir


haha, even I’m not chosen as becoming freshie of USM, i ‘m still happy to have the opportunity of being there . Even as visitor, erm, for only short period of time Smile..

It is the place that I dreamt to be at the most. to further my study.. but then, again, it was not my luck.. I’m not for USM.. wait a sec.! or the USM is not for me?? ahaha..


back to this phrase ;


Fighting is Obligatory by you, much as you dislike it. But you may hate a thing although it is good for you and love a thing although it is bad for you. ALLAH knows, but you do not.


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People used to say, “ life is like gamble.. “ do you agree??

Well, maybe it’s kinda true.. In life, every action u take, every movement you make, You have to face the consequences~


I’m taking risk of not doing any rayuan for the USM .. haha, why?? on of the reason is .. “ saje”

huhu.. it’s not really “saje” k.. I just want to see how far I can go with all the result I have achieved.. Where am I next, with all the effort that I have been done all this while.. let see.. Where am I destined to.. hihi.. so;


“Believe in Him..He knows Best !^_^“


Haiyo, I was intended to write a lot .. there are so many ideas “dancing” in my brain last nite.. Now everything fade with all da dreams I had .. nevermind.. I don't know smile.


umm.. Gud luck there at Havard , Along.. I’m very Proud of ya!

“I’ll continue later! “

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