Every Obstacle Is A Stepping Stone to Success ^_^

12:22 AM

Currently listening to: Fur Elise-Beethoven

sitting alone, at a corner, and has nothing to do.. suddenly thinking of updating blog ^_^.

Haa, not feeling sleepy at all at this moment, as i was just wake up from, quite, err, nap. :P
Flashing back bout da past, what have i achieved, what have i done, and most importantly, what have i learn from all those memories..

I may not be as successful as others, neither a good fighter, not a great blogger, nor a best student, but i may have gone through life more than what people expect. My friend once said, be grateful for what you have owned, don't be so humble n comparing yourself to others. I can be great too. Well, each of us born with different potential. So, take the chance, change the world!

Believe me, every single step we take is what we build for our future.. If you want it to be bright, start shining it.. Remember, everything comes with obstacle. Bear in mind,
Every Obstacle is A stepping stOne to sUccess!

The PSPM 2 (final exam) result is said to be announced on this 18th of May.. Everyone has getting nervous . some said, " die", " oh noooo!" , "we have to face it anyway","stay cool".. and bla.. bla.. bla..... whatever mood you are, just pray for the best. As for me, i do scared as much as my friends do, but.. Whatever we get, that's our effort.. be grateful.. and think how to move foward!

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