weird doe~

7:51 PM

Alhamdulillah, br selesai menjamu selera.. hihi.. "org sponsor, kite jgn sia2kan.. haha." mungkin setengah org x gtu, tp ape pun, hargai setiap apa yg diberikan.

Stay calm, stand still.. hahh, it's almost one day and half being in KMPP.. this time, i'm not bringing books to study, but, study what others will study.. wee~ knowing all the new modules for next KMPP batch, " looks like the juniors have to strive lor..!" nevermind, we are living in developing world, therefore, we have to stay ahead. past is past, the becoming is the test and challenge to be faced.

well ppl, what do you expect when your closest turn out to be someone different??? the one you care so much suddenly acting so cold to you? and you know nothing??" something to think!"

i'm happy to meet my friends again, cooperate again in da same "boat" .. but, i wonder , what's wrong with me? or, what's so right with me? i kept thinking, until i lost my apetite.. but still, i wont simply ignore myself.. i still have to eat, so, i eat. hoho..

i kept wondering..
maybe it's true what is my friend told, if somebody don't want you anymore, you should just.. .

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