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Posted by : Fiza Chan..! Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It was before...

My teacher once said,
"kalau kita nak tgk budaya negara orang, kita tengok from filem2 dia.. Apa yang dilakonkan tu kdg2 norma dalam kehidupan mereka.. "

Oh yeah? Yeap, sometimes i can say so.. But if it's true, we should be worry now Malaysian..

Why worry, Fiza?

Well, this is not to put blame on anyone.. This is more to my own opinion.
After about 6 months i haven't watch television as much as i do now, yeah, personally admit, there are so many new dramas.. But..

Okeh, straight to the point.
In a love story.. 
Unmarried couple , easily hugging each other, holding hands, follow ones to his/her house for nothing and so on. Is this our culture?

Malays, drunk. Hang out with friends + alcohol. Or release his/her stress with alcoholic bev. Is this our culture?

I saw those things in television lately.. and I wonder if.. Malaysia will someday be westernized by those culture.. Suddenly i remembered, i used to give response to a question touched on Permodenan dan pembaratan. I do support for Permodenan of Malaysia. Not Pembaratan..

Yea, i should watch the positive sides of the dramas.. but, it's just sometimes makes me worry.. I do not want my race to be destroyed by those things.. I have two more sisters which is growing up and still learning the essence of life.. Just to make sure they are grown up in a good environment. well, me too, growing up.. hehe..


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  1. Nice entry fiza. Quite a serious entry compared than others before, but very interesting topic here. Really agree with you on this matter. Too many malays drama that really can affect our teenagers point of view, and it is a bad situation. Just as dr muhaya says, "you are what you hear, you see and you read".

    So I think as a brother or sister, we must control our family members from watching these kind of dramas or movies. Just as this quote said - "For Things To Change, I Must Change First".

    Just my humble point of view~ ^__^v

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, mostly things are getting serious right now. The truth is this already happen way to long before. Sorry for my language or any unintention insult or anything that may hurt any person feelings. As in Malaysia it self, We got the well develop city like KL and we got the Islamic state like Kelantan, as most research found out Kelantan is way more bad things happen than KL. But I'm not saying Kelantan is bad, or the people is, but most of them are. Trust me I even ask a kelantanese and he accept what I asked. Back to the movie part where you say 'things in movie is a lifestyle'. I got to say yeah it's true. Maybe you haven't been out like really really knowing what outside is or maybe you did. Most of friend can easily say 'well last night I go to celebrate bday got some bottles and I all drunk out'. Things have become so common that people don't actually care anymore. Anyway congratz on buying keyboard! Mann, I'm stuck between buying recording things or new laptop. anyway, good luck in life!

    p/s : keep rocking those keyboard, go COBHC!

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