Biskut raya dan Lailatul Qadr???

5:43 PM

Assalamualaikum readers..

It's been quite "short time"  i haven't update anything aite ? :P

Salam Ramadhan kareem to all my friends and relatives, and you guys; readers. Thanks a lot for still keep in touch with little-flyzz and Fiza would like to Thank a LOT to my new follower  ^_^.. congrats! u r my 123rd followers..  ^_^.

Not to say i'm BUSY, making biskut raya currently, but, still, i'm in biskut raya mood with my luvly mom lately.. hihi.. but i would be more fun if all my siblings can join us.. it's okay, can't wait to celebrate RAYA together ^_^.

So, back to my topic, i was chatting with mom before, about Lailatul Qadr which is about to come. The exact day is still a mysterious to us, but don't worry, we have 10 days to search for it..

التمسوها في العشر الأواخر من رمضان

Ertinya : " Carilah ia (malam al-qadar) di sepuluh malam terakhir dari bulan ramadhan" 
(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)  

Haa, we got the clue already, what are we waiting for? hehe..
Actually, Mama told me, we cannot blame Allah if a girl got her menstrual during that last 10 days of Ramadhan. Allah is not cruel and we cannot blame Him.. It doesn't mean, those girls cannot do anything for the last 10 days.. everything have its options rite? ^_^

so, if we, girls , cannot perfom solat sunat or read Al-Quran, we still have other options for Lailatul Qadr. ( eventhough there ulamak says we can still read quran with few syarat2 )..  So, the things that Fiza wanna share here is, tips for Girls who .. i mean.. ehem2.. Got "Period" during last 10 days which i had mention before ^_^.. well, briefly, these are things we can do :

  • 1) Berzikir
  • 2) Berdoa
  • 3) Membawa terjemahan Al-Quran serta memahaminya.
  • 4) Mendengar bacaan Al-Quran oleh suaminya, adik beradik atau dari kaset.
    There are various of Zikr, there are many things we can pray for.. Please don't feel dissapoint if you, girls have haid or nifas.  Hey, having "period" is something good.. it shows  that u are healthy... ^_^.. be thankful to HIM.. ^_^..
    hihi, Just a simple sharing.. Actually, i believe there there are a lot more good post about this topic. But i believe, it is important to share so, i just wanna share. just hoping that you guys can get benefits from this.. here; i wanna share some links that i refer to. please feel free to click.. and you know what, even if we have intention to know more about ilmu Allah,  we have already given with  pahala  .. ^_^.

      So, selamat memburu malam Lailatul Qadr.. InshaAllah, sesiapa yang ingin mendekatkan diri dengan Allah, Dia akan permudahkan segala urusan kamu.. ^_^.. jom2! semoga berjaya kawan2 ^_^v

    haaa, ingin menderma?? please kindly click the nuffnang advertisement at the right side column.. i'm really appreciate your kindness ^_^..

    wallahu'alam ^_^



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