Again i write..

7:47 AM

Assalamualaikum and gud morning to all readers.

I just read my sista's comment. and she wrote..

" write more, it's therapy.."

hehe, yea, i haven't been writing much since my last post. For sure, there are so many things happened and i can't afford to write everything.. Besides, this is not a diary .. hoho.. but, i'll try to write if got chance for it..  apologize me for being silence for a little while..

so, what to post?
well, mid semester break has already begun and still i'm in college.. nevermind, the time will come and i'm going back to hometown in few hours more :P so, happy holiday everyone. have safe journey back home, and don't forget... to all my colleagues : this is our 2nd test schedule..

19 Nov 2012 --> FST
23 Nov 2012 --> ECN and Microbe
Metabolism : unknown
Statistic : unknown
Maternal: unknown

but still, the unknown one , they'll be conducted any moments soon as the mid semester break ends.. be prepared..

Just something to share, my friends and i were having interview session last two days.. i wonder why is this session was carried out but something had came cross my mind:

"It's time to muhasabah diri, i guess.. "

anyway, we've been half of semester holding our post as MTM (leader).. if we do feels like we are doing good, sometimes we have to sit and have second thought of it..  speaking as leader and human, we sometimes do wrong. and that mistakes can be found if we search for it.. we flashback what we've done during past half of semester.. are we be blinded by our post? or , we already good, it's just, finding way to be better.. hehe..

anyway, i still remember what my senior said, this is a platform where you are safe to do mistakes. it's just, u have to learn from every single mistake u done.. and don't be afraid..

i'm human, we're human. so, the perfection is not ours.. 

we can judge people, but we are not the true judges..
bear that in mind, people ^_^

Owh by day way, the picture above was taken during small kudapan after the opening ceremony of Minggu Muda Mudi last monday. Imam Muda Naufal did come to our Faculty ( Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UPM) To give talk on " Kenali Budaya".. Alhamdulillah, got new knowledge more..

and the last night , Brother Shah Kirit did come to FPSK to deliver talk on Universal Brotherhood. He is a Muallaf and, the Brotherhood topic was been discussed on the Muslim-Muslim relationship, and Muslim with other religion and practitioners. I really impressed with the evidence given by Brother Shah and it was like, he had already master all the holy script ( Holy Quran, Holy Bible, Veda and others..) . it's amazing..

The out of all sudden, somebody did ask about the relevance between Dinosaur and the fact in Quran.
 "Well we cannot find any story about Dinosaur in Quran," he said..

The analogy is;
Here u see, i'm holding a remote control.. So, In Quran, there's nothing stated about This remote rite? " but we always can refer to others, as long as we stay truth to Him and His Messenger ( Quran and Sunnah) and u'll not be lost.

with that, i end my post here. hope u guys can take some input even it is only a tiny little knowledge i've shared.. 


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