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Posted by : Fiza Chan..! Sunday, July 15, 2012


alhamdulillah a week at home feels like heaven.. haha.. Rumahku Syurgaku, xgituh?? ^_^

Again, again n again, spending times with family is the best thing in my life.. mama, along, aby and tikah, thanks for making my every-day is such a blissful day ^_^.

so, Jog for ur health???? haa, ni sebab rindu KAKOM la ni , duk sibuk je nak bergaya suit KAKOM KMPP.. ^_^.. cool anyway.. haha..

move foward fiza. the future is waiting~ hehehe

and mama's cook is the best.. introducing you,

Rendang Wings~!!!! sama mcm nama blog sudaaa~ ^_^..
everytime i take food piccas, i always tell Along,
"Along, adek amik x sedap ponnnnn.." huhu.. xnampak sedap pun .. but, this is the only pic that i can afford to snap..

and again, everytime i got back home, me and my sista always dreamed to have our own home studio.. haha, inshaAllah, if ade rezeki nnti.. kan Along??? ^_^

I'm gonna miss you Along ^_^.. huk3!
thanks for visiting~!

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  1. chumut says:

    i miss you and home already :D

    along ^_^

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