Brand new POST!

8:21 PM

Few days without any updates?

sorry for the disappointing-blog-link-click. hehehe

to update, it comes with feel.. to put that feel, i must have it.. so, no feel no talk.. waaahh, boleh x gitu?? :P

first thing:
masih xdapat daftar lagi satu kursus wajib.. adoi!!!!! i've already submitted the form but still... can't register for this? hmmm.. fishy3~

2nd thing?

Treasure hunt!!!!

Dare to join??? being the person in charge make me feel nervous every single day until everything is settle down.. haha, that's me.. but, me, nervous, is just nervous.. makan, tetap sentap!!!! tidoq tetap lenaaaa :D kih3..

so, the planning is like this..

20/02/12-first meeting with pengarah projek You n IT
21 or 22 feb - meeting with my gang..

next few days- preparation.
1-march- another meeting with gang. final.



haaaaa, the best part ever! the arising of chef Along with Chicken Pie!!!

ok.. final words ?

don't want to go back to KOLEJ!!!


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