Life continues..! Face whatever comes.

4:59 PM

It's gonna be a year since graduated. And congratulations to myself for what have I achieve till now. *clap clap clap

I have to admit this so-called freedom in life comes with many unexpected events. All of us can't wait to graduate and enjoy the life, but non ever expect what we might face afterwards. What can I say now, living life after graduate is the most challenging task you ever endure. Yet, enjoyable.

I saw many of my friends have achieve their dream to be nutritionist, few become successful with huge influence, and some of us till searching for the best in life. With social media now, latest updates pictures, and status pop up every second, which in time, we tend to compare ourselves with others, especially our friends.

For those who feels upset about themselves, have a look at this.. and hope  you'll be smiling again :)

Kahwin, murah rezeki..?

Doakan semoga jodoh sampai bila sudah bersedia. =) . Okay, jangan sedih-sedih, stress-stress. Bersyukur dengan setiap nikmat Allah bagi .. Eh, I olls tukar bahasa pulak. 


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