Blum balik lagi ^_^..

1:09 PM


again with my fb status : "Still at home while my friends are already in college :P "

Last day at home. Hurrhh, suddenly feels like " baru semalam cuti.. =( ".. Nak demam pun ade.. Severe stomach ache.. fuhh.

" sabaq la dikk, besa lah tu dugaan org pompuan.." Mama's saying to calm me down.. hehe..

Masih banyak lagi barang blum pack, ade lagi yang masih belum kering..
" nampak sgt tamau balik.. " :P

Yesterday was a "Bubbye" day.. tata to Aby for going to hostel in Alor Star.. tata to Along which safely arrived at UTM, Skudai this early morning.. it's just me, left, here, at home sweet home :/
But whatever it is, last nite cendol was.. Perghhhh..! Just imagine that u eat Cendol in da RAINNNNN.. !! .. yang sejuk tu, disejukkan lagi.. it was really cold and i was shiverred troughout the journey back home.. ! nyum3~!

back to college means that there are a LOT to be done.. and first of all..! TREASURE HUNT..! hoping everything will be fine.. Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan dunia dan Akhirat.. kan3?

gaining my moods back. And, still thinking of.. how am i going to place all my stuff in da train huh..??

Assalamualaikum ^_^

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