Keep strong to survive. Pray for Mesir.

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Hi readers.. ^__^

Having great time with family at home and really appreciate it.. every moment is priceless to be compared to others.. Alhamdulillah.

 I always wonder, will I be able to return to mama and my family, again, after this? Too scared to face the outside world, gun shot here and there, kidnapping, turbulence, upheavel in Mesir, catastrophe in China and so on.. It's too dangerous. And a few moment ago, Malaysia was surprised by a mad husband done violence against his wife, in front of their children. What a Nonsense! Oh Allah, please protect my family , and merged me with soleh future hubby. InshaaAllah.

Friends and people who reading this, there is sumthing I wanna share. Pray for Mesir . Peace!

I am amazed by my mom. How she raised us until now. How she is brave enough to let her children travel far from her searching for knowledge. Until now, I'm still scare to let my future child , (if I had one later) to go out alone. She is strong mama I ever known. Mama used to told me and my siblings,

" Bismillahitawakkal tu'Alallah.. Minta kat Allah tolong jaga anak2 mama.,"

Yup2, Allah has the full power to decide everything. If He say "Yes" , means yes.

"Kun fa ya kun"

All He want is for us to ask and have faith in Him. InshaaAllah.

Ahhh, semester break is coming to an end. No more pamper. Only strive and keep strong to survive. Right now, I'm having headache but still can have good sleep .. But later? must keep on going. (Takkan nak skip kelas kottt :P ) kecuali parah sangat.

Sem 5 schedule has been arranged. It's just me, I am the one to decide whether to excel or to loose in this battle. Learning is a Race. ! Okay friends, remember, we can be the best planner, but Allah is the best decision maker. Pray , and ask from Him. ^_^.

Need to have a break. It's headache time! :3


future R.Nutr. Fiza

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