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11:38 AM

Assalamualaikum readers!

Phewwww.. almost a year ea I haven't write? Sorry dear, A lot of stories behind all of this. So, what's up?
Okeh, currently third year Nutrition student, struggling for academics and all craziest things around! hehe, sounds fun but believe me, they are all awesomely challenging~ I'm getting chubbier?? ahh... The pics prove it all~

To break the silence,

1) I've started a mini business!!! okay2, chill~ Entrepreneurship awareness thinggg and Minions Maniac, soo here it goes~! Poka.Printing ! come and like the page! Aha, looks like this future Nutritionist have started to love doing business ^_^v. oh ya! currently launching the promotion ~

Ey, one most important thing to share, other's problem is an opportunity to tackle! So, since the college residence are craving for cheaper printing rate and nearer printing service, here comes Poka.Printing! ehehe.. trust me, tackle the problem :)

2) Aha, Currently working on one of my biggest event , organize by the student society of Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. So, as publicity member, I would like to promote everyone to join us! What is it all about?
It's a program to increase the awareness of health and healthy life! wanna know more, come and like our page! we are targeting 800 likes until the end of this December. Your support is our inspiration ^_^. thanks a lot!

well, well well.. This week is the last lecture week for my 5th semester. Now the final exam fever haunt everyone here... Please pray all the best to all candidates and me too ^_^. InshaaAllah, till next time, i'll get back to you ^_^.

R.Nutr. Fiza (inshaaAllah)

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