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" I can see many of Malaysian student always with their smartphone. It is different from my country.."

Yes, I can still remember those words came out from a tutor during my English class. She is an international student, doing her PHD here, in UPM. She taught us English, specifically citation rules. But only for that day.

Yes, no doubt, from my observations too, it give me same view. In lecture hall, during lecture , in tutorial room, at cafeteria and even while walking! I can see fingers playing and swiping here and there on the screen. Of course this is not a bias writing as I'm not excluding myself in this post, however, it has become a phenomenon.

And you know what, looking at someone swiping their screen sometimes triggers others to do so too. Eventhough they may have nothing important to do with, playing with it for even a while can bring the sense of relief. My lecturer once said, human nowadays seems like depend too much on their gadget (phone). Eventhough there is no text message received of any notification arise, they tend to look at their phone.

In my words; As if, the phone exclaim them.

What do you think?

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