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1:11 AM

Assalamualaikum readers..

Huarghh, ROAD RELAY Day~ seriously, I need to build up my stamina again.. 1.3 Km was sooooooo tired enough. Afterall, I haven't been training since my secondary school.. there, No wonder i can't really speed  this morning.. :P Anyway, it feels good to sweat. Hmmm, i'm still waiting for somebody to upload da pics.. then i can publish it here :)

Congrats to my teammate ( of course include me :P )  for winning 2nd place in Indoor games category of sukan rakyat , Kolej Tujuh Belas today.. Next time, kita battle lagi ye!!! mlm ni dapat 2 hamperr!!!

 Hamper ni je sempat snap. yang lagi satu.. da habessss~~

 Few most significant things currently enlighten my day ^_^. Thanks a lot to my Sifu for da bestest (wrong grammar) birthday gift! ^_^ Gigabyte!

guess what is the green one?

Well, closing ceremony for FIESKO 17, Sports Week II, and Minggu Mesra Haiwan brings a lot of memories to us, MTM.. everyone can feel the bond between us very well.. But the closing also means that it is the lastttt event from MTM 12/13.. i'm very proud to say that,

" Congratulations dear comrades.. we have done the greatest job on Earth !! "

I'm sure we r going to miss every single moment being in this student council board.

Alaaa, x semua org ade~~~ :(

till next time, my frens~.. Oyasumi.. ^_^..


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