Nampak tak pelangi tu?

1:46 AM

Assalamualaikum dan salam persahabatan.. ^_^.

First of all, thanks to my dearest followers yang sudi visit page nie. and sorry for the less updated post.. :3

Pernah tak alami nie..
" tiap kali final exam je, test je, hari2 kritikal je, mesti ade je benda yang tak diinginkan timbul.."

Confirm pernah!
As human, it is common. Life is ain't easy as we all wanted it to be. I'm writing now because my heart is beating something, but it's too much to be expressed. But suddenly, this come across my fb :

(quote from a friend)

Yea, it sounds great to me.. :P Too much things we faced throughout this life. Sometimes only little of laughter but much of tears. And as we cry, cry and cry, our heart is getting tougher. Bold enough not to cry again. right?

haah, I'm searching for reasons behind everything happened, but I failed to reveal some. Keep searching, but it hurts more and more. Then I asked people, what should I do..? cry to Him for answer. And finally I realized, sometime if u love something, u should let it off for a while. Maybe it does not meant for you but to love is not wrong. Then again, the quote above really touch my heart. From now on, move ahead! ^_^.

Now I remember, whenever He give us challenge, that is because we are strong enough to encounter it. Oh my, now i know that I am strong..!! It's just, gotta be stronger for future that already waits. So, people, u guys are strong too! Don't give up, and choose better way because everyone have options.  And you will have a colourful life as cool as rainbow. Untouchable, yet admire by everyone.

" maybe u r tired,
maybe u r just woke up from dreams,
maybe u r having problems,
or maybe u are not in good mood..
smile please?
because u look good when u smile.
smile is the best medicine anyway.
good for you, good for everyone.

i'm here, trying to be strong to smile .. " 

And people, don't stop in the middle of your lifetime journey. Problems are just the obstacle to decorate your path. U, Me, we are the same, but what makes us different and special is the way we lead our way. If you always trying to be normal, when will you realize your actual potential? haaa, time to do crazy things! good morning people!

inshaaAllah, bakal R.Nutr. Fiza

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