Best bestday ever.. ^_^

11:15 AM


Haaaa, Special Choki2-made Choco Pie+Apollo cake!!!
Tenkiuu bestfriends.. ^_^

Special Pictures of all.. ^_^V

Alhamdulillah, I didn't expect to receive a very special gift from housemates and most beloved family. Truly, you guys are so sweet.
aaaa, mish mama, along, abby n tikah soooo much! ^_^..
Special delivery from kedah + Johor.

cOmel kan????? ^_^
Aiyak!! nampak plak gambar 'kakak' kat buku Nutrition tuh =P

Tapi kan, one thing i really curious about.. See Mr. Domo above? humm, special Domo Kun from mystery person.. Who gave it? Why? (for belated besday katanye Org yang tlg deliver tuh.. ) But anyway, both Me and Tima got Mr. Domo today.. hihi.. Thank you 'Mystery'. ^_^

Naahh, special video from me.. (simple2 jek )

"See Fiza, there no reason for you to be sad anymore. There's also no excuse to say that you don't have the mood to study. You have Family with U, Friends, And most important, Allah SWT always with you, fiza.. They always support you.. Go go girl..!!!! "

Let the bygone be bygone. (Madam MAriah Kadir used to tell me.. ^_^)

oke2, start study fiza.. Tomorrow got test..! chaiyok.!

with Love,

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