Today is 22 March 2012..

4:35 PM


Alhamdulillah, syukur sgt2 kpdNYA sbb beri fiza peluang hidup genap 2 dekad hari nih..
Baru Selesai membalas komen2 sahabat di facebook... syukran kpd 139 (currently) wishers.. tak lupa kepada yang wish trough fon and kat kuliah tadi ^_^.... you guys are soooo sooo sooo sweety sweeet^_^..

naah.. supriseeee~!!!!from Abg Naufal.. ( that doodle lah ) ^_^

Tima; earliest wisher! And sweet gift from my beloved roomate, ida!!

one of my special day of all.. Sweet and also painful day.. owh, Allah really test me with the menstrual pain.. Alhamdulillah, He still give me strength to finish my 4pm-class... Syukran for YOur gift. Syukran..

birthday Gift? :P

have a great day, friends! love u guys...

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