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26 March 2012
Perasmian Minggu Intergrasi dan Kesedaran Islam, MIKI.
Kolej 17,
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Again i was assigned as the AJK Teknikal n Mutimedia for one-week-program.. bUt not just me, Tima, Aini, Adib (Kapten), Akili and few more. Alhamdulillah , they are my best colleagues.. ^_^

Ceramah entitled Paradigma Muslim was really catchy. Plus Ustaz Shaari who convey his talk with full of emotion. hi hi.. few input that i would like to share here.. there you go :

3 challenges that we must take note..

1) Do you master your own field..??
2) Have you meet with your own "Real Potential" ?
3) Do you change (attitude) ?

Think about it ^_^.

" Who you are determines what you see. What you see determines what you will get, sooner or later.. "

Last nite event finished at 11.00 pm and safely arrived home at 11.30. ( after makan-makan thingg).. Freaking tired dow. :P. And, i got exam today, which is Physiology Paper. Guess what?? , i really did not manage to prepare well and I'm actually killin' myself. Last nite "stay-up" tryout was failed..!!!

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Him for helping me finishing all the question this morning, eventhough , some of the questions makes me some-kind of.. . drowning.. :P

But anyway (Dr. Mary's sentence :P )...
tonight I'm going to face Sosiology Notes. Dan, aura Dr. Sarjit suda mula terasa, sampai termimpi-mimpi sosiology sudaaaaa.. ^_^ ..

have a great day everyone ^_^

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