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12:24 AM


Whoah, memang lama blog fiza bersawang ..! ngeeee, sowie, kinda busy, lately..
Currently studying for :

"first test of the first semester in the first year of the first university for the first time in my life..
(err, first life??) <(") "

I wonder if every university student live as busy as i am.. huhu.

Today's new post may be simple as i just want to stress on speaking skill. Well, have u ever heard of :
" Everyone can write, but some can speak... "

have u? or haven't u???
In my opinion, yeah, it's true. When discussing about soft skill, one of the main skill that we must own is, communication skill. That is, the way u confront people and speak out. ( am i right??) It doesn't mean, u Got A+++++ for your english paper test, then you can speak very well.. That's only on da paper K..

So, what do we need in order to be able to speak?? (speaking la plakkkk =P)
1- Bravery !
2- People to talk with
3- bravery!
4-bravery !!

hik3.. in developing something, it must comes from urself rite? so, i was just highlighting the BRAVERY as it plays main role ok!

even you are speaking broken English, nevermind! practice makes perfect doe.. ^_^
Please be supportive! i mean, those who already think their English is Good or perfect, please do not think this world is yours. hik3.. please support those who are still polishing their speaking skill. ( look at me! i'm not gud in english tongue also k. so, don't laugh if i'm typing a very bad article here =P)

Why should we train ourselves to speak english???
Once u get into University, u'll also find foreign student instead of Chinese, And indians.. so, be prepared if they are asking u anything, especially, direction of locations. hehe.

Today, i did met new friend, Somaya. Iranian.. she was finding her way to the nearby cafe. so, she did ask me and my friends about it. Alhamdulillah, she finally can find her way ^_^.
Till we meet again , Somaya ( i think the spelling is Sumaiyah ).. hehe..

Okay, my tension is released..! time for bed ^_^
Nitey everyone.. And future (Ir. Spongebob) =P..!

oh yea! thanks to YES b.band and UPM. Memang laju gila2 line =P

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