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Posted by : Fiza Chan..! Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hehe, as we all are aware, today is Mother's day.. sO...! Hepy9 mOther's day for those who has already being titled as mother.. fOr those yang buat keje Buang Anak.. U R EITHER NOT ELIGIBLE OR DESERVE FOR THIS TITLE.. haha, Padan mUka..:P

well, not to comment much on that.
hihi, specially for mama, we, ur powerpuff daughter had done a handmade card..! naahh.. hihi..
Not to worry Along, even you are so far and can't celebrate this day together, we have included your greetings together in our simple card.. so, u are also a part of it..
We Love you mom.. U r the best..!
so, hoping that, this post is never too late for mother's day!

*SEDEY2, x ley upload gamba:(..

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