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Posted by : Fiza Chan..! Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kalau dalam satu kumpulan itu kita bertiga, jangan kamu berbisik dengan sahabat yang kedua. Kerana, ia akan menyinggung perasaan yang ketiga. Silap silap, ia berlarutan, sehingga rakan ketiga berjalan sendiri..

Well, bestfriends always have their own stories to share right? It's good to have those.. Fun right? A story to share.. In a village, there is a girl. A girl who live in her world, an observer and love to see friendships. She would b smiling whenever she see happiness between friends. But she's alone.. Yea, she is alone. "I know.. I live quite far from them. " her heart talks. Everytime she walks among the crowd of the villagers, among her age , she feels alone. Other friends have their own talks with their besties.. She had tried to bring up a topic so that she can have a chat with them but.. "How would i be with them if they always talk between them and i know nothing? =3" "They were sooo happy and i .. Nevermind, they got their besties, let me just walk alone.." "dear heart, all of them got their own bestfriend, so, just dont disturb them. They are happy now. Just go and find your own happiness .." Her heart don't care anymore if she had to do things alone, walk alone, eat alone, and live alone. Yea she seems happy now but the fact is, she is alone and live in broken heart. One day, a person out of nowhere, come and see her. "Hey buddy, whats up?" "...^_^..'_'.." "hey listen.. When u r alone, who is with u? Who can u ask help?" "Now, just speak to your heart.. And stay happy^__^" She paused.. And think.. To be continued.. But always love to do a reminder to myself and

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  1. chumut says:

    assalamualaikum, dek..
    sabar ya. you always have Him and us as ur besties. tamo sedih2 ea.. adek sedih, we'll be more worried. be strong, kita idop ta lama pon, benda kichik2,tamo simpan kat hati lama2 sangat ea. campak je kat singakat afrika sana tuh. hehe. love you ^.^ stay strong, chaiyok!


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