Bumi sakit. Jom berubah?

9:26 PM

Assalamualaikum wbt dear readers.

For those who are able to read this post, say alhamdulillah. as you are still breathing, able to live, and free.

Deepest condolences to all families of MH370 and MH17 victims. And I pray for justice for my brothers and sisters in Gaza, Syria, China, and muslims all around the world. The earth has come closer to an end. Only He knows, when is the exact time to end everything. I was attracted to few post in my facebook newsfeed. It says,

"Don't you realize, Allah is calling us. He had showed us signs, so don't you realize?"

well, keep that in our mind.

I believe, some of us think that it is hard to .. I would say, so-called 'repent'. people get used to listen to hard music, talking bad, and enjoy the life as if you are not gonna die tomorrow. huhuu.. sorry, my imagination is playing around my mind.

Haiiiisshhh, How to return to Him?

It seems hard to get back to right path if we used to stay and comfortable in bad side. but trust me, human has nature, and nature of human is they love good thing. That is called, Fitrah. Here is some tips for u, for me, for us.. Every changes needs training. So, who says you cannot change? unless you haven't take a step toward changes.

Why not, if we try to change our melody from rock anthem to more calm song.
Try to go to channel that give us more tazkirah like tanyalah ustaz @tv9 every morning or an other channel that can make u start your day with positive energy.
Post more beneficial thoughts in your social media, or a least share post on what's happening in around the world now, or anything that might be useful to others.

naahh, there are many other thingssss your can do to improve the quality of your life. Let us together take steps and move ahead!

What's constant in life will change. and Changes are the the constant in life.


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