Nutrition Month! This is our world~

12:49 AM

Assalamualaikum semua!! Have you checked your body status?

ehehe, Alhamdulillah, Officially turned 22 last 22nd March, and living as 22-year-old young adult right now ^_^.

Okayh, here is what I want to share, it's NUTRITION MONTH!!! this year I am lucky to be given opportunity to volunteer in this meaningful big program! Thanks to my Department. Nutrition and Dietetics~ wuhuhu, I would say, it is a volunteer job, but, they paid us.. so... Alhamdulillah!! ^_^.

Lots of activities were held, with many sponsor company join us.. I would say, it's nutritionist and dietetian Family Day!!^_^. ehehe, inshaaALLAH, i'll be future Nutritionist.! Pray for me k! ^_^. Aha, what's more interesting? I was incharged at kinect game! it's XBOX 360! ahaha, quite excited. It's my first time to hold that thing.. woops.. not "thing" but gadget okayyy.. phewwww.. The visitors thought that i'm selling the product. But hey!! Its a sophisticated gadget designt for healthier lifestyle. Physical activity time!! No remote for you, nor joystick. it's your body! hehe, most of my visitor loves to play boxing and fight with each other. We should buy this one, Along. ^_^.

Owh.. i always feel that i look weird wearing black tudung.. huhuhuuuu...

meee!!! XBOX!!! (okay, the joystick is just to track human movement.)

owh2! Also got ANIMAX exhibition during our nutrition month! here are my friends with the cosplay~

 ehehe, Remember people, Health is wealth~! See you in da next Nutrition Month, InshaaAllah..

Future R.Nutr. Fiza

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