Ianya agak awal.. tapi alamakk, terlambatt update!! Hepi Besday Mama~!

6:36 PM


Al Kisah, tanggal 20 Feb dahulu (hehe, tahun dirahsiakannn he he he ) seorang bb comel dilahirkan!!
it's my mum!

Congratulations to Dearest mama for your birthday this year.. walau usia bertambah, namun wajahmu tidak berubah2 :D

This time celebration is quite earlier.. well, nevermind. as long as all of family members are home to celebrate it together! Alhamdulillah, kali ni, birthday girl yang masak main serving.. hik hik. Thanks for da special meatball spaghetti mama. Naahh, special cake and ice cream for u~

 Credit to :
Fairy Cake house and Along!

Not to forget, Sanah Helwah to my sifu! but he's 13 Feb lah. Not 20th.

Looks like, fare well time has come. Happy fighting to my dearest sista, Aby. Go go wirawati! Time to go back to Camp.

And, the bus looks familiar~ huhu.

My Aby's blog : Words Of Life

3 left but 2 is going back soon. Pheww. That's life..

Now, waiting for Along's turn to update her blog.. ho ho ho. How will it be? we'll see..

My Along's Blog : Chumut


Okey~~ Got to go~~ haa, Dun forget to click da nuffnang link! donate me some money .. ki ki ki..
P/s: one thing i really wanna share, please, please and please, appreciate every single moment u with family.. once u waste it, it really is a waste. rugiiii~~ ^_^. wassalam..

Sleeping beauty

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