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Happy day dear readers!!!

So many things happen and it happened fast!
First of all, alhamdulillah, You And Information Technology (U.N.IT II) Programme has come to it's end. Yea2, quite late for this update but, i don't care! hehe.. Its started like when u eat skittles, but at the end, u'll find the sweetness of it..  Thanks for all the AJK  for your greatest effort.. and, to IM Najdi, IM Faris and IM Nuri, thanks a lot for giving the best cooperation. :)

Till we meet again in the next edition of You And IT ^_______^v

waaaahh! it's 22 of March already! thanks for the sweetest gift my dear friend ^_________^v and also, for all the wisher, it's an honour to be part of your memories..


Alhamdulillah to ba part of it, it's a precious experience .. Its a community programme, built to educate Serdang community on how to perform healthy diet and healthy life. To review your health status and build a better future..! Congratulations to all committees and the residence for giving full support for the programme. inshaaAllah, next year, we'll be back.. he he he. And it's a surprise,, abg Aris Ariwatan do join this programme! I love to be in the community .. and ,, I love foodnatic! hehe, semangat lebih je dak nie.. :) oke, time to train myself on how to educate people!

(p/s: abg Yen kata ; " fiza mcm nak jual broadband" ) huuuuhhh~!

okeylah, till next time, inshaaAllah.
Wallahu'alam :)

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