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8:29 PM


status# Terawang-awangan, konpius, pelik, terharu, sabar....

I don't know where does the word, " celaka", menyampah" and all those stuff come from. Italy? Latin? hah, obviously not! but one thing i Know is that, it's not nice, SURELY NOT VERY NICE for a girl to say those kind of words.. i'm sorry to write it here, but it seems like most of the girls have already immune to that. i mean, they can just express those words without feeling that it is KASAR,, of course.

Girls, please, every action u take, reflect who u are. You surely don't want people especially boys out there to simply Praise u because of ur beauty, in front of u but at the back, they talk bad bout ur attitude.. Girls are born as soft creature. Please keep urself soft but strong ^_^.


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