Outing MEGA~!!! :P

11:37 PM


hehey, it's worth to treat yourself after a week of.. ermm.. battling for exam :P

Outing day!!!!!
vEnue : midvalley~
ThANks mama for giving me permission ^_^v

First attAck..! MPH~
"wAit for your gift yea! "

nie... BrUnch~!

OWww My Gudnessss~!!!
Hundreds Ringgit Malaysia of GUNDAM in frOnt of me!!!!

next station : Toy R Us!!!
best place ever! ( for me lah )

Next~ tOy City!!!! ^_^V

Guess whO is this ???

hehehe.. what a coincidence :P

pEnat jugak ek berjalan nie.. anyway, today i'm having great time with housemates , later, everyone will say tata and gudbye for a month.. Adat pertemuan kan ?

can't wait to see mama and da geng kat rumah.. but, i'm going for a week camping at ULU KALONG RESORT, HULU SELANGOR first.. habislaaaa..!

hAve great time everyone.. Appreciate it while u can ^_^..

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