me, yOu, yOu, and yOu..~ (ramai You nie)

1:07 PM

Assalamualaikum.. salam ceria..!

senyummm, senyummmmm, senyummmm... Ah! cOmel^_^

Feels like wanna share sumthing with All my best friends in KMPP.. Suddenly flashback bOut Our memories, together.. Dear Nisha, Zu, SyaqZ isma, K, zikry and Ezad, i really miss the moment we being together before.. Truly, KMPP has thought me A LOT, especiallY about friendship.. do u Still remember, there's one horrible time when me, Nisha And Zu having some kind of mysterious fight.. EverybOdy in our class, especially K and Zikry, kinda realize something wrong happen between us.. haha, hOnestly, i'm hurt seeing our friendship cracked. tHen Zu, still remember x when me n nisha ask u to join us at KMPP's field dat evening?? i can't really remember which day, but, at last, i have to tell Nisha what u have felt towards her.. Nisha cried, so do I... Dat night i think, i went to c u.. actually i'm kinda forcing u to see me kan??? hehe, then suddenly, this fiza u knew from the first day we met change to be like a motivator or what dat night.. i told u almost everything i felt that night.. then, U n Nisha be gOOd again and i was so relief.. haa, truly, i still remember what Nisha Said;

" if u love ur friend, tell her when she makes mistakes. correct her. instead of keeping silent and let her repeat the same thing again.. n u kept hurted"

That sentence really make me realize the meaning of friend.. ^_^

still remember that day when u confess everything to me ?? few days before, i was so confused about ur attitude towards me.. i kept thinking if i ever make horrible things to you.. sOrry for any of my mistakes.. That confession day really makes our friendship closer, Me, Zu, Nisha and You K.. ^_^

for me, you are really cOmel.. haha, everybody said so.. most of our practicumate said so.. But, One day, sumthing happen to us.. all five of us suddenly separate into two groups. You and K, while me with Zu and Nisha.. again, thru confession, our friendship was healed..

One of the mOst things i remembered was, when we were heading towards Final Exam for 1st semester.. ME, Zu, Nisha, K, Zikry, Ezad, and Shukor.. hahah, kite study sampai sparuh mati koT.. punye la guna bilik JPP tue. sampai orang ingat fiza ni dak JPP.. phewww, tumpang glamer.. hihi.. masa tu Zu penah Down.. haishh,, me n Nisha ckp,
"xleh jd gnie.."
n even the guys also risau kat Zu tau.. sbb, kita da study sama2 then suddenly u were like giving Up.. Then One night, me n Nisha force u to come to dataran. then we talk2.. alaaa, nak nangis lak malam tu.. tapi, when seeing u smile again, i was so relief.. gO Go my deAr!!! jgn give Up!

then one day, i was so down.. fiza cuba tahan nangis depan kwn2.. then mcm biasa, u guys perasan kot fiza nangis.. then Zikry plak motivate.. Perghhhh... thAnks Zikry.. memang pedas kata2 hang.. hahaha.. tp, sib baik hang marah fiza.. kalau x, memang give Up dah weyhh.. nOpe2... fIza chAn jgn Give Up..! each of u could feel the tension of getting great pointer for our exam.. but, we motivate each other.. Alhamdulillah, the tough time passed with our flying colours results.. ^_^ what an effort..!

Then also, most precious memory was, when i met SyaQz Isma.. hihi, unexpected meeting.. besides, yOu are in the physics stream, and me bio stream.. huhu.. Thanks to my guitar too, we met. all those sweet memories.. i still am remember hOw r u when u join me nisha and Zu study in the library.. Nisha kept Pushing u with da chemistry things.. while me trying to help u with memorizing the Meaning of the Chemistry term.. haha. still can';t forget ur face dat time.. then we started study together., four of us, for quite some time..
And then, u kept having headache.. haaa, so worry.. i can't really fight my shy-ness but still i try.. when? laa, when i wanted to give u panadol for u headache.. i hide it under RM1 note which i wanted to pay for da nescaffe u helped me bought. ketaq lutut kOt nak bg, sampai jatuh panadOl tu, x silap.. hihi.. aiyaaa, manyak lagi wo mau crita tp, da panjang meleret dah.. ~

sO, this pOst is posted specially for my KMPP friends . may all those memories we shared remains forever..

gUd LuCK at new place my friends..

Me ~> UPM-sains pemakanan dan kesihatan Komuniti
Zu ~> UMS-Biotek
Nisha ~> UKM-Farmasi
K ~> UMS-Medic
Zikry ~> UKM-Biokimia
Ezad ~> UTM-electrical engineering
SyaqZ Isma ~> UMP-kejuruteraan kimia

SelAMat berjUang.. Lagu blOg fiza ni untuk Kita semUa.. ^_^
tC, sPongebob..^_^

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