Another day to go through~

5:45 PM

Assalamualaikum.. Peace be Upon Allah the MOst Gracious and the Most Compassionate..

Alhamdulillah, i am still able to breathe and reach until this stage.. tOday, everything seems not right. If i'm not mistaken, it begins last evening.. i don't know what is my mistake but, i never intend to hurt anyone. But then, it makes me feel soO guilty but i don't know what happen..

last nyte, it was so long, long ago when i was like that. i don't realize what happen to me, and i was so frightened my fwen. ( i know da grammar is KO) .. still, my other friend acting different..

today was also weird.. ya la, first of all, I'm still in guilty mode as long as my friend didn't text me like usual.. I'm eager to know what's going on but it was just a waste.. no response received at all. struggling with BIO all day long but i do lost to my weird mode today. i REALLY don't know what is going on. but please don't tell me that it is going to take long tyme to be neutralized.

anyway, tomorrow's going to be the first 2 papers to be faced.. Best of luck frOm me. thanks for being my new follower dear "mirmo" :D..


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