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7:18 AM

Assalamualaikum and Ohayo!

huargh.. I didn't get enough sleep and now still can't sleep .. Last night , it was raining heavily. Suddenly after solat Isya', my cute little stomach suddenly "sing". yea, i knOw dat desperate-4-food song. hihi.. feel so lazy to get down as it'll take time. Then a "Catalyst" present, lowering my activation energy. At last, i went down to get some food. I was just arrived at my rOom at 11p.m. Continue eating ( haha ) n then, started to study. Pay back the unpurposely-waste time .. :D about an hour passed, i fell asleep at my table. Then i got up and study. It was repeated again and again. Haha, feel so embarrassed to my roommate as she can really stand the sleepiness. Then i made about 300mL of Nescafe. Still..! I fell asleep.. huhuhu.. There's no other way to escape, then i got to Bed. Kring3! wat da...?! my fwen said she can't sleep . wanted me to company her. "Oh, okay then!" Rather than just texting her, i continue doing my chemistry. lastly She's sleeping leaving me alone , and i am still fresh until now..! haaaa, i want to sleep! But then, i'm nOt sleepy at all.. :(
~ anyway, thanks to you, i managed to finish my Chemistry tutorial and revised da Organic Chemistry topic! Heee ~
Just now i have read da Readers Digest and an article has attracted me.
::Not Just Blowing Bubbles ::

It says " Chewing gum may be the answer to better attention and eating habits "

So, according to the 2 studies which both funded by Wrigley Science Institute, Sugar-free chomping may bring ; better performance in school and, less snacking.
Eight graders who chewed during class, homework and test saw a 3 percent improvement in their maths test scores and had better final math grades than the non chewing kids. Researcher from the Baylor College of Medicine say gum chewing may help sustain attention by easing stress and anxiety.

Volunteers who chewed gum for 15 minutes each hour between lunch and snacktime consumed 60 fewer calories from sweets than when they went gum-free.

sO, happy chEwing...!

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