ready? set!! gO!!!!

4:51 PM


hYe blOggIe.. :P

jUst Arrive from Kedah, td.. Alhamdulillah, safely arrived.. n bIt tired even whOle jOurney i'd slept..
that's me, huhu..

sO, being here, means nO mOre tYme to pLay..

Hey, Wait!! SPM just arOund da cOrner!!
Forever in dEbt to da prIceless TiME!!
- milo beng!!-

yeah, nO more time to waste.. i must survive.. yOshhh!!
after all, i did waste a bit of my time.. huhu.. sorry flizzoe chan! (myself ler~)

sO, tOmorrow , da schOol will be opened again.. and, stUdy wehh!
umm.. dAy after tOmorrow, again, hOliday..

thanks mR. Jai, u've brought me into a deep feeling abOut merdeka.. yeah, i lOve hIstory..
"Those who forgot history , recommended to repeat it.." George Santayana..

sO, tO All malaysian, please ... dun create any trouble again, we do not want to repeat da past.. remember 13 mei??

lAstly, somebody call me bUcukk, and i wanna take my bath nOw!..

keep surviving, fiza chAn.. gAin ur strength back.. it's almost end, dear..!!


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