6:49 PM

Dear Me,

i'm kinDa worry.. yEAh, i wonder if i had made U confuse with yourself.. yEah, u tell me that u've change.. bUt u dun really lYke it.. i feel guilty if i had made ur life miserable.. its just, i dont want u to change becAuse of me, bUt change becAuse of ur self, and future.. i really dun have an intense to change ur life.. its just, i gIve gUide if u need it.. Yeah, we Are Muslims ..

" Setiap orang Islam itu bersaudara "

sO, we heLp each Other k.. and, be yOurself.. and who said we can improve ourself when we being ourself..
" Manusia paling baik ialah manusia yang tahu akan kesilapannya dan memperbaikinya.."

Selamat berbuka...

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