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Posted by : Fiza Chan..! Monday, May 7, 2012

Assalamualaikum readers.

My housemate told me just now that Tomorrow's FISIO test will be postponed to this coming Friday. I'm not sure whether it is a Great news or not as i'm having Nutrition Test a day before Friday. No gap to do final revision for fisio. But anyway, that news actually trigger me to update this Wings of Words ^_^. People said :

"There's Always Silver lining behind Every Dark Clouds .. "
So, Look for it ^_^.

Naah, introducing You with my newly assembled GUNDAM.. Kapten Setsuna's...!

Looks like Kapten Heero's got new comrad! ^_^.

It's quite easy and less time consuming to assemble 00-Gundam . Entry Grade. But Anyway, the time i've spent assembling Setsuna's is the moment i lOve the Most ^_^.

And one of the advantage of this pack is.. tadaaaa.. ^_^separator~ they provide you with separator ...!! senang nak separate components^_^~
a tribute to my gundam^_^

Looking foward to face the Nutrition Book and all those Fisio Notes. Fighting!

Great Days, Minna san! ^_^

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