Kapten Setsuna In!

5:49 PM

Assalamualaikum readers.

My housemate told me just now that Tomorrow's FISIO test will be postponed to this coming Friday. I'm not sure whether it is a Great news or not as i'm having Nutrition Test a day before Friday. No gap to do final revision for fisio. But anyway, that news actually trigger me to update this Wings of Words ^_^. People said :

"There's Always Silver lining behind Every Dark Clouds .. "
So, Look for it ^_^.

Naah, introducing You with my newly assembled GUNDAM.. Kapten Setsuna's...!

Looks like Kapten Heero's got new comrad! ^_^.

It's quite easy and less time consuming to assemble 00-Gundam . Entry Grade. But Anyway, the time i've spent assembling Setsuna's is the moment i lOve the Most ^_^.

And one of the advantage of this pack is.. tadaaaa.. ^_^separator~ they provide you with separator ...!! senang nak separate components^_^~
a tribute to my gundam^_^

Looking foward to face the Nutrition Book and all those Fisio Notes. Fighting!

Great Days, Minna san! ^_^

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