Afraid and scared of questions? think again people.

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Assalamualaikum readers..

End of TEST 2..!! hihi. Alhamdulillah, Fisio's Paper just now not really killin' me as compare to the past test 1.. alhamdulillah again.. Not to be happy right now fiza....~ it's ending means the beginning of fighting for Final exam.. haaa, so do to my friends okeyh???

A week full of test, handing assignments and presentations quite a challenging week for me.. to successfully finished the TITAS presentation on POLITICS, and SOSIO presentation on 'budaya ICT' was a relief. quite heavy topics but, in any Ilmiah discussion, it's okay to give out sensitive opinions and thoughts ^_^. Credits to Mr. Sazali (TITAS) and Mr. Razali ( SOSIO).

Actually, fiza intend to share something with you guys in Today's post. Something that i realize while having all those presentations. Something, common to our culture.. Something.. Oke fiza, enough with "something".. :P

"Afraid of questioning because scared of being questioned by people.."
so, what do you guys have in mind with that HOT (not really) statement?????

well, i used to ask quite many question during past presentations. actually, i just wanted to know what actually they are presenting. how far is their kajian, and, i just wanted to know more on something.. i never intend to , i mean, 'jatuhkan' or 'lemahkan' any group.. asking question is not wrong right? also to help the class be more lively waaatt~

And as for the respondents, well, in my opinion, the is no wrong or right in giving opinion. it doesn't mean you guys have to know everything, and give all facts in order to answer. i think, opinion is good as it shows how and what r u thinking at.. oke2, maybe you guys can get what i try to convey.. hope so.. :P

don't be afraid to ask, and dont be afraid if people wanna ask you ... just give your best, be brave.
and i still remember a voice said,

" ha, tny la , kang diorang tanya balik, fiza kne jwb.."
" takut la nak tny, nanti diorang 'tembak' balik.."

from now on, put aside all those thoughts. and for my reminder too lah.. ^_^.. sometimes i do scared of asking, i believe you guys do.. but, try k.. try to overcome it ^_^.. lagipun, dapat markah lebih kalau bertanya nih ^_^..hik3.

okay, any comments are really welcomed.. really.. ^_^.

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