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Posted by : Fiza Chan..! Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Fire Drill practice really was a full stop to Physiology class just now. Also, a pause to Dr. Sab who was really dissapointed by our test 1 Result. Not to say she's scolding just now. It's just, she's quite angry with it... It's okay, i understand.

Hmm, I really wanted to congratulate the Biomedical club, Which the Pres. is Shyfiq. After one event, you guys manage to conduct another one successfully. Great effort from all of you..

Haaa, Today's event!

haaa, Fiza ngan Tima dah check kekuatan Tulang kami, anda pula, bila ye??


Hari tuh, 20 April 2012, dianjurkan satu sesi suntik menyuntik .. hihi.. Fiza da amik suntikan cervical cancer. Tapi, baru first suntikan.. Ada 3 kali kne cucuk.. So, i still Have another two to go.. which will be 1 month after, and also 6 months after. Kenapa x amik kat hospital jek instead of kat foyer?? Sebab, harga yang ditawarkan lebih murah dari biasa.. ngeeeee... :P  Anda pula???

Projek Batik Fiza Ape dah jadi?????

Ingat lagi x yang fiza is working on my batik's projek?? aduhai, rasa macam, teddy guitar fiza dah jadi monster dah.. huk2...

eeee, feelsss like re-making it back.. huk3.

New Mission????

birthday gift..! haaa, next mission, assembling gundam!!! jangan jeles... ^_^..

Next, i'm going to post on MAKJASA.. ^_^..
thanks for reading..!

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  1. Salam ziarah....rajinnye update blog. Abg tol2 xde masa untuk update so no wonder kalau blog abg suram k...hihihi...

    Bout da test, dont feel upset... Stil hav another 2 big test to go. Syukur sbb x kantoi k...huhu.

    Bone density abg -0.1 je fza, dah nak reput katakn... Cepat2 abg bli susu yg ade jual kt situ dgn harapan agar tulang kmbali kuat..haha...

    K, gud luck in blogging!!

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