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Posted by : Fiza Chan..! Friday, March 16, 2012

#1 : When u live quite sometime with your beloved cat, then it suddenly disappear or changing the owner, u'll sure feel a lost. well, i know it's normal, but still, the feeling is there.

#2 : It's not your fault of reminding me to someone or something. i know u care, i know u didn't meant to.. Apologize me of my act yesterday. =,(. Thanks for being my.. crying shoulder. :P

#3 : Yeah, i miss my mum. but it doesn't mean you can simply make drama of it. it's not because i hate you being around. but i some-kind can't really accept ur behavior. Maybe there's other person who can accept u the way u are.. believe me, she'll be ur true love, inshaAllah. ^_^ sorry , my bad.

#4 : Woke up with pain. Pain and stomach ache. Didn't wear my sock + didn't put on the blanket. Haa, it's the bad thing to be woke up like that. i'm cold. need to have warm bath maybe.

#5 : P.M.S. I don't really want to blame on PMS thingg. even it is exist but, my fault maybe, of fail to control my PMS.. or is it can't be control ??

#6 : MUSICMODE? = demi lovato-sKyscraper

#7 : i haven't iron my outfit yet for my 9.00AM class!

#8 : Need some time, and peace.

#9 : haaaa, tomorrow will be the 'bengkel gitar' with sham kamikaze!!!

#10 : last word? .. i wanna kept silence for a while.. that's makes me feel calm, inshaAllah ^_^


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  1. Anonymous says:

    If your decision affect others, think twice about it.
    If you concern about others,ask them sometimes.
    It's okay to be selfish, you live on your own someday.
    Don't feel quilty if you never were feel that way.
    Don't blame on your condition on action you taking.
    Take your time but people around you doesn't stop moving.
    Some people were hurt in your action, some people were left by your action.
    This is just mere advice, for me for you and any others.
    One day, we are all forgotten by others.

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