Sky is cryin~ :P

8:03 AM

#1 : When u live quite sometime with your beloved cat, then it suddenly disappear or changing the owner, u'll sure feel a lost. well, i know it's normal, but still, the feeling is there.

#2 : It's not your fault of reminding me to someone or something. i know u care, i know u didn't meant to.. Apologize me of my act yesterday. =,(. Thanks for being my.. crying shoulder. :P

#3 : Yeah, i miss my mum. but it doesn't mean you can simply make drama of it. it's not because i hate you being around. but i some-kind can't really accept ur behavior. Maybe there's other person who can accept u the way u are.. believe me, she'll be ur true love, inshaAllah. ^_^ sorry , my bad.

#4 : Woke up with pain. Pain and stomach ache. Didn't wear my sock + didn't put on the blanket. Haa, it's the bad thing to be woke up like that. i'm cold. need to have warm bath maybe.

#5 : P.M.S. I don't really want to blame on PMS thingg. even it is exist but, my fault maybe, of fail to control my PMS.. or is it can't be control ??

#6 : MUSICMODE? = demi lovato-sKyscraper

#7 : i haven't iron my outfit yet for my 9.00AM class!

#8 : Need some time, and peace.

#9 : haaaa, tomorrow will be the 'bengkel gitar' with sham kamikaze!!!

#10 : last word? .. i wanna kept silence for a while.. that's makes me feel calm, inshaAllah ^_^


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