what a day~

7:50 AM


hihi, how are you guys today eh?? looks like somebody is going for (photoshoot+outing= photoshooting) dis morning... huuu, syoknye ade biggie2 camera.. =D

yesterday was a quite tired day.. but, i did enjoy it so much..
~> visiting adek + lunch together..
~> eating Cendol.. ( syedapp woo~ )
~>searching for the musical instrument store.. ( ala, da nampak aritu, hilang plak dia.. pity my santaCruz)
~> went back to pak ngah's house
~> makan manggis + durian
~> climbing ( a quarter of.. ) manggis tree = kutip2 buah.. :P
~> cycling a bit
~> try main skateboard
~> play sepak takraw with the kids ( ade bakat eyhh!! )
~> went back home
~> masak2 + makan2..
~> bubbye world!

hihi, ohayou gozaimasu , minna san!

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